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Hi All,

I need to known, which is the best practice to configure heartbeat VCS and ORACLE RAC for five node cluster on Solaris 10, I known reading the manual of VCS for Oracle RAC this :"Configure Oracle Clusterware interconnects over LLT links to prevent data corruption".

My question is, the heartbeat VCS and ORACLE (together) must be on separate VLAN  for or not? For example:

igb0 (node1,node2,node3 and so on) = vlanX

igb1 (node1,node2,node3 and so on) = vlanY

Thanks a lot







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What is most important for heartbeats is to segregate them into independent hardware sets, such as different NICs, switches and physical connecitons. VLANs are logical entities and don't provide any additional redundancy at the hardware level, I don't see how they are going to help here. LLT is perfectly capable of managing heartbeats located in the same VLAN

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Hello Rick,

General speaking, Veritas recommends the private LLT network (in your case VLANs) is dedicated for VCS inter-node heartbeats only.  With early Oracle RAC releases, all internode communications were via LLT links.  Although LLT is not a must to RAC 10.x/11.x, they (VCS heartbeat and RAC internode communications) can co-exist on dedicated private network.  Since RAC internode cach-fusion bandwidth could be very high. make sure to use high performance NICs for LLT (100MB+ on full duplex).  If internode network load is realy high, consider to have bonded NIC for interndoe connection so the load is balanced between NICs/LLT links.

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First, on modern networks, different vLANs do not provide much benefit other than management. We do support LLT links on different vLANS.

Regarding VCS and Oracle RAC: in is REQUIRED to have the LLT links and cache fusion links co-exist. For each cache fusion link, configure an LLT link on the same inteface. This is NOT optional.

In order to maintain cluster membership sanity, both Oracle and Veritas membership infrastructure must be shared. The configuration and admin guides provided for details.

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