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VCS Oracle instance issue

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Dear All,

The current system run in the VCS 4.1 on the Solaris 9 with the Oracle 10g DB. 

Due to the DB mount point /DB2 disk usage in 93% , I  find the another DB mount point /db1/d02, /db1/d03 disk usage not in use.

There are four mount point on DB1 and DB2 

/db1/d01, ./db1/d02, /db1/db03, /db1/r01, /db1/r02

/db2/d01, ./db2/d02, /db2/db03, /db2/r01, /db2/r02

Disk usage shortage  /db2/d02. /db2/d03 

I want to move disk from volume /db1/d02 . /db1/d03  >  /db2/d02. /db2/d03  and keep the mount point 


db2/d01, ./db2/d02, /db2/db03, /db1/d02, /db1/d03,  /db2/r01, /db2/r02

I will stop the VCS and manual mount /db2/d02, /db2/d03, /db1/d02, /db1/d03, move part of db file from /db2/d02, /db2/d03, to /db1/d02, /db1/d03.

But I have question on the,  How can I ensure the /db2/d02 and /db2/d03 Oracle instance and mount point startup  then /db1/d02 and  /db1/d03 mount point  ( No Oracle instance)

I know this is complicated, but want to get the expertise advice .

Many Thanks,





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I found this post in the Storage and Clustering Documentation forum.

PLEASE DO NOT post product-related queries in that forum.

The Documentation forum was started years ago by Symantec employees where they shared newly published user documentation, including manuals, use cases, tech notes, and HOW TO articles.

Since the move to Veritas, nobody within Veritas is maintaining or monitoring that forum.