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VCS VVR parallel service group to Failover

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How can i change my config from VCS VVR service group parallel to VCS VVR service group failover

by the GUI i have V-16-1-10173

thanks in advance


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According to this URL:
the Parallel attribute cannot be changed after resources have been added to the service group.

I noticed that this is for version 5.1, but my guess is that this will also apply to later versions.

This is how I see the next step(s):
Create a new Failover SG with all resources disabled, then offline and disable the Parallel SG, enable resources and online the Failover SG, delete Parallel SG.

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thanks for your reply

can i change manually stop the cluster and restart it with the new config

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Yes you can stop the cluster, make modification in the file and then start the cluster on the node where you have modified the file and then start other cluster nodes and they should remote build themselves in order to start itself with new modified configuration.