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VCS clustered Enterprise vault migrate index service to new node


We have three node cluster for Enterprise vault in Veritas Cluster server, the node details are as follows:

Node 1: EV server with all services

Node 2: SQL server

Node 3: Spare server for EV service failover and SQl service failover.

Also GCO and VVR is configured for SQl server and EV server volumes are replicating using VVR but are not in VCS control.

Now we want to remove index service from EV server (node 1) and add it to new server, also add new server to the cluster.

Can anybody share the steps we should follow from VCS end to perform above changes.


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Steps to add a new node is

Steps to add a new node is documented in VCS Installation Guide. 
You can find the manuals for your VCS version over here:  

We will need to see what the existing cluster config looks like before we can suggest steps to migrate Indexing service to a new node.

Moving a VCS resource such as Indexing will need the resource with all required components (such as DiskGroup, and Volume) to be moved to a new Service Group. 
So, a different diskgroup is needed. 
If Indexing volume is part of the same DiskGroup where other volumes reside, you will need to split the diskgroup so that the Indexing volume and all of its dependencies can make up the new Service Group.
This new Service Group will need a different virtual IP address and hostname as well.

Please copy on one of the existing cluster nodes to main.txt and upload as File attachment.

Hi,    You should describe


  You should describe your request more detail.

  Currently ,we only know you hope  :


1. how to add a new node to cluster.

2. how to remove index service for EV  to new  added node.


As  Marianne suggest


1. refer  vcs admin guide to add a node to cluster.

2.remove index servcie  from old node.

3. create a new sg, include  index service , which run on node node.

4.create proper dependency for each resource in sg.

5. create proper dependency for sg. configuration.


We don't know your detail configuration, so we can't give step by step operation guide.



There is a TN on how to move

There is a TN on how to move the Index location to a different EV server: 

How to move the Index location to a different Enterprise Vault (EV) server in the same site. 

But the TN does not mention how to do it in a cluster. 

You may want to ask in the EV forum as well: or else log a Support call.

Thanks Marianne and

Thanks Marianne and starflyfly for your reply.

We have logged a case with symantec and they suggested to move journaling to new server instead of indexing.

So, for adding a new node should I follow below steps:

- Add a new node to the cluster.

- Install Enterprise vault on the server.

- Create service group, using service group configuration wizard.

- Configure the new server for journaling (from EV end).

We are using same spare node for both EV server. Since the spare node is already configured as failover node for our existing EV server, how we can specify the spare node as failover node for new EV journaling server.


.... how we can specify the

.... how we can specify the spare node as failover node ....

Modify the service group and add the spare node to SystemList.