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VCS configuration between two guest ldoms on a standalone domain


Following is the server setup and need your valuable time & advise in setting up VCS between guests.


Control domain server ( t5220 Sparc with solaris 11 ) with two guests ldoms ( ldom1 & ldom2 ) both with solaris 11.

Control domain has two physical network interfaces (net0/net1) and these two interfaces are assigned to each ldom as virtual interfaces and configured with IPMP.

4 SAN storage LANs allocate to control domain and presented two disks ( 1 for OS & 1 for database ) to one each ldom..

I want to configure VCS between these two guest ldoms and whenever ldom1 goest down then the database has to be failed over to ldom2 & vice-versa..

I need your guidance in implementing VCS b/w two guests and heartbeat setup.

I know my requirement is weird as configuring VCS on a standalone box between two guests.