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VCS installation

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I installed VCS, I have a Sun 5200 shared on two Solaris systems. I intend on installing Oracle on this cluster. How ought I do this, should I, via, one member of the cluster, first create a logical volume and on it a VxFS baseed filesystem, or, may I create a logical diskgroup and then create a ufs file system on it, or, ought I go with zfs.


Do I need to create a Veritas Cluster file system? (I'd like to learn, so doing so may not be a bad idea).


Then there is the Oracle part of the state of affairs, what do I need to actually install, I intend to install....11gR1_database, tuxedo, apache, some portal softwares, some weblogic middleware etc.



I will be searching online for examples/screenshots/history files/tutorials, I am, in fact, looking for a real production system any advise is welcome.


I'd rather do something, replicate something, which is similar to a production e-commerce type environment, than, do something merely academic.


I apologize if I may have missed out details to help you answer questions, and/or, comment on this post.


Please do not hesitate to provide any comments - I'm new to VCS, so, all advise is welcome. I have been reading the multiple pdf files!


direct email: {removed}


Anne Dnhdry


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To answer this question correctly , it'd be useful to have some more information

What type of Oracle are you installing? Is this standalone Oracle database, or something more complicated like Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster)
VCS supports UFS and VxFS (although I can't imagine why someone would use UFS if you have already paid for VxFS which comes with VCS; it's like shooting yourself in the foot!). In VCS 5.0 MP3 I believe there is also ZFS support to some extent, although again, since you have VxFS, which has over a decade in production enterprise environments, I would stick with that.

For some sample environments, I'd download, install, and look at the VCS Simulator tool, which is free, small, and shows you some "fake" VCS environments in a graphical view. This can help you get started.

I might also look at attending a training course, depending on what you are doing.