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VCS simulator strange issue

Level 4

Hi all,

I am running a VCS simulator 6.1 for demonstration.  Imported a few production cluster configurations and all worked well except one.

In this problematic cluster simulator, the issue I have is that the service group doesn't do anything when I try to online it,  I right click the group, choose online-> <the node I want to start>,  from the log I can see the action I just did


Initiating manual online of group xxx on system xxx

Clearing Restart attribute for group xxx on all nodes.

Then nothing happens.  From time to time there is an error poping up,  V-1601-51135 GlobalCounter not updated,  not sure if this is related or not,  but the error, according the office doc has something to do with MTU not being set in the llttab, since I am only running a simulator, I'd guess I don't need to worry about this error.

If I online the resource one by one,  eventually the entire group can be online.   I tried to online the top layer resource which replies on other resources,  that saves me a lot of click,  but still I have about 20+ resources to online.

Any ideas?




Level 4

Please check if  any of the topmost resources in the SG(service group) are disabled.  If the top resource of SG hirarchy is disabled, I have seen such behavior.

Thanks for the reply.

All the resources (including the topmost) are enabled,  that is the first thing I checked.