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VRTSsybed" and "VRTSdbed".

Level 3
What we will be doing is taking a cluster (several in fact over the next few months) from this:  Storage Foundation Enterprise HA for Sybase (or in some cases, Database Edition HA for Sybase) to this:   Storage Foundation Enterprise HA for Oracle What I need to understand is how we "convert" from one DB flavour (Sybase) to the other (Oracle).   It's easy to understand that I need to install the VCS Oracle agent and later can remove the Sybase agent. What gets interesting is we are using the QIO feature of VxFS in both
the Sybase and Oracle environments. I understand the QIO product is supplied by the packages "VRTSsybed" and "VRTSdbed".
Question is:  is it possible to run with both of these packages installed or are they mutually exclusive? Is the QIO functionality provided by the two packages identical, so that we need only run one of them?  I don't believe we use any of the other features of VRTSsybed currently.
The really interesting config will be our DR cluster, which must run
BOTH Sybase and Oracle on the same servers for a period of time (3
months at least).  Do we just continue to run VRTSsybed on these nodes
and will that supply the correct QIO for Oracle?  Or should VRTSdbed be
installed too?
I thought I was once told that the two packages should not be installed
on the same server because they have common files and that could cause