Verias Cluser NFS question on AIX/Linux


I need to export  file system from  AIX  to  few AIX servers.

I alleady created  VG, Mount  and  Shared resources to export the FS.  Do I need create any other resource to restart  NFS daemon Or any other resources necessary for 2 node cluster.

I need do same thing on Linux Servers.  Do I need to follow the same procedure ?

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Re: Verias Cluser NFS question on AIX/Linux

Hi Mokkan,

In the Bundle Agents Guide, under the NFS resource, there is an example of a typical NFS service group in an VCS for AIX cluster.  See page 152  Here is a link to the guide that I mentioned:  http://origin-download.veritas.com/resources/content/live/DOCUMENTATION/7000/DOC7914/en_US/vcs_bundled_agents_62_aix.pdf.

I'm attaching a screenshoot of the typical resource dependencies for NFS.


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Thank  you very much  Wally.  How about if the client is usng the the FS,  can we still un-export the file system or we will get an error ?

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Hi, Mokkan


Those are two questions.

1. Without use vcs, export FS by nfs, while client use the FS, you can un-export,and client report error while access FS.  This not related with VCS. It's NFS feature&function.Manual export nfs FS,met same situation.

2. With vcs, configure Share/NFS/IP/NFSrestart resource ,just help you finish export and un-export automatically by online or offline  resource.

Re: Verias Cluser NFS question on AIX/Linux

Thank  you and sorry for the late reply.  I have one more quesiton.


Why IP needs to depend on the shared?  Can we make Share depends on IP ?