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Veritas Cluster Server Java console for Linux/Solaris - Unable to connect to cluster nodes

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I have installed Veritas Cluster Server Java console in Linux and Solaris server. Once I click on "Connect to <cluster_node>", the "Connecting to <cluster_node>" window pops up and the cursor rotates and it stays there for ever. Any help here ? What is the log file that I can look either at the client machine where java console is loaded or at the Cluster nodes  to see what it is waiting for ?

Note: Cluster nodes are listening on port 14141 and I am able to telnet to port 14141 on cluster nodes. Also I am able to connect to the nodes from Java console installed on my Windows 7 laptop. Due to some upcoming firewall changes, we are forced to use the Java console from Linux or Solaris hosts.

Another note, I have installed Veritas Operations manager and I am evaluating that also, but I feel Cluster Manager more comfortable for day to day management purpose.







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Hi ,

Quick question, how are you accessing the java console, directly on the server itself using GUI or you have exported the display to other machine in same subnet ?

To my knowledge, there is no separate logging by cluster manager. In case of solaris or linux, I would assume to redirect anything to messages file (however chances may be nil -never observed)

About the port, when you use win7 laptop to connect to clusters, is the connection being made on 14141 only ?  cluster manger can also use ports between 15550 - 15585. Can you verify from firewall logs that what port is getting hit when you make connection from win 7 ?

Also let me know the Java version installed on the server, remote possibility of existing java version causing mismatch with required version by cluster manager ?




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Hi Gaurav,


Thanks for the reply. We have identified the issue. Basically it is a version mistach between the VCS Java client and the actual VCS Clusters.

Most of our clusters are ver 5.0 MP3 RP3 and the VCS java GUI I installed was 6.0.100. We have a test cluster with 6.0 and I was able to connect to that cluster using 6.0.100 GUI.

I opened a Symantec case and I got VCS Java GUI packages. Using that version we are able to connect to the 5.0 MP3 RP3 production clusters. The Symantec case is still open and they are looking to see if VCS java GUI 6.x can be used to connect to older version of VCS.

Thanks again for looking at this issue and responding.


Biju Joseph.