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Veritas Cluster

I need to know the licensing method if i am planning to run 4 Node Window cluster  on Virtual machine.

1) Physical Machine having Dual CPU with 12 core ( Intel Xeon E5).

2) Virtual Machine having 16 vcpu each .

So need to understand how many license i need to buy to create 4 node Vertias Cluster and which license type .

Quick help is appreciated.


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Re: Veritas Cluster

I found this post in Vision forum and moved it to Cluster forum.

Re: Veritas Cluster

Have a look at the Infoscale Licensing Guide:

How are InfoScale 7.0 Products Licensed?

Re: Veritas Cluster

You licence by core for the least amount.

So if you have 2 ESX servers and each has 24 cores, then if you run a 2-node cluster with each VM exposed to 16 cores then you pay for 2x16=32 as this is less than 2x24=48, but if you ran a 4-node cluster on the same 2 ESX servers, then you would licence for 2x24=48 as this is less than 4x16=64.


Re: Veritas Cluster

Did I get right on this,


IF I have two node cluster and each node has 4 physical CPU's and 8 cores each then shall I have to buy 32*4=128 licenses.

Or by node basis I wil have to buy?

Please help to understand it.





The opening post is about

The opening post is about licensing for virtual machines. Is this what you have in your environment?