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VxFEN driver not configured.

Level 6

Dear All,

I use this key statement to find the different way to try fix the problem but still not effectivity.  There are two nodes for dbs11 and dbs12 server , I can see the dbs11 able to get the SAN disk connection and disk group.  But the dbs12 node failed to get the same information, I can see the FC cable is connected.

root@devuaedbs12 # gabconfig -a
GAB Port Memberships
Port a gen b98c09 membership 01
Port a gen b98c09 jeopardy ;1
Port d gen b98c0a membership 01
Port d gen b98c0a jeopardy ;1
Port o gen b98c07 membership 01
Port o gen b98c07 jeopardy ;1

root@devuaedbs12 # vxdisk -o alldgs list
c1t0d0s2 auto:none - - online invalid
c1t1d0s2 auto:none - - online invalid

root@devuaedbs12 # cfgadm -al
Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition
c0 scsi-bus connected configured unknown
c0::dsk/c0t0d0 CD-ROM connected configured unknown
c1 scsi-bus connected configured unknown
c1::dsk/c1t0d0 disk connected configured unknown
c1::dsk/c1t1d0 disk connected configured unknown
c2 scsi-bus connected unconfigured unknown
c3 fc-fabric connected configured unknown
c3::10000000c9503945 unknown connected unconfigured unknown
c3::5006048c4a85839f disk connected configured unknown
c3::5006048c4a85a40f disk connected configured unknown
c4 fc-fabric connected configured unknown
c4::10000000c9503855 unknown connected unconfigured unknown
c4::10000000c95039f2 unknown connected unconfigured unknown
c4::5006048c4a858390 disk connected configured unknown
c4::5006048c4a85a410 disk connected configured unknown

I already do the before step 

devfsadm -Cv

vxdctl enable 

vxdg import 

cfgadm -c configure the device but still not improvement. 

I have no idea what is the happen right now. 

Could you please if there is any expertise to assist me ?

Thanks you very much 





to start with, do and check the followings on both nodes:

1. make sure that OS can see the same number of SAN disks

2. fix llt link iss eas jeopardy membership means there is only one LLT link connected properly

3. check /var/adm/messages files for any network link related issues and rectify the issue if any

4. run the commands below on each node and post the outputs

uname -a

vxdisk -o alldgs list

vxdctl -c mode

gabconfig -a

haclus -display | grep -i vers

lltstat -vvn

Hi Frankgfan,

There are two nodes , the host a can see the LUNs , host b cannot see the lun, I think that the host b LUN masking disconnect with the EMC SAN. Anyway I follow with your instruction to handle the host b issue .



Hi Frankgfan,

Sorry to reply your message later!

I check the server which is Solaris 9

Another command output will refer to attachment 



I check the message to report thei VxFEN driver not configured , Retry messages


I can see the corrdinate drive already configured and check the vxfendtab have entry without space 


suggest to take actions below in the order listed

1. read and implemenmt the solutions in this tech node

2. from your lltstat -vvn output, the cluster LLT private network is not configured properly.


An example ouitput of a working lltstaty -vvn output for your reference:

LLT node information:
Node State Link Status Address
* 0 stmasep3a OPEN
bond1 UP EC:B1:D7:AA:A4:D2
bond0 UP EC:B1:D7:AA:A4:D0
1 stmasep3b OPEN
bond1 UP 5C:B9:01:D9:A1:52
bond0 UP 5C:B9:01:D9:A1:50
bond1 DOWN
... snip ...

3. please follow the section of how to configuration fencing in VCS admin guide to confiugre cluster fencing


Thank you frankgfan!

I check the link, it is no longer existing, can you share another link for reference