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Where can I find the guide for VCS setup for a physical Oracle database server on RHEL.

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Hi All,

I'm new in the forum, forgive me if I asked in the wrong section.

My company has an old running VCS setup version 6. The team which perform the initial setup no longer with the company. Currently we're in the midst of doing a tech refresh on our database servers. This involves purchasing a new sets of servers to replace the current ones. I'm trying to find some documents on how can I perform the new installation of VCS for the new server, but I can't find anything related. Appreciate if someone could point me to the right direction. 


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Hi. All of our documentation is publicly available at:

Look under “Knowledge Base” , then Documentation.

From there, select the software “Cluster Server” or “Storage Foundation HA” then select the version.

Everything you need to know if there. The only problem with our have to read it, particularly the release notes and the installation guide.

It is possible to use the product to replicate your database (if using our storage stack) from the old cluster to the new cluster if one wants to reduce downtime.

Hope that helps. Cheers

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One of the not-so-obvious things is that now VCS is part of the product called InfoScale, and it has various editions.

There is a high chance that VCS 6 will not support your new RHEL and in this case you will need to perform a migration where some elements such as disk storage type, NIC bonding type, etc will make a lot of difference because these things will define whether you can just take a configuration file from the current cluster and use it for a new cluster.

To build a new cluster you need to know a fair bit of things but they are arranged in the checklist so have a look there. The resulting file will also have links to the respective guides to follow. 

However, the migration process is not really described in details because it has too many dependencies and requires certain expertise not only in the product but also in specific agents to be successful


Besides reading the VCS guides, it is hignly recommended to ru7n DataCollector on all nthe nodes.  DataCollector (used to  be VRTSexplorer) is located in /opt/VRTSspt/DataCollector folder).  A DataCollector outyput file contains almost all the info you might need to fix and Veritas Storager Foundation/InfoScake problem encounterred.

VCS is now part of InfoScake Avaiability and InforScala Enterprise edtion,