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after database integration LPAR went to HUNG state.

Level 4


I have intergrated  oracle database in vcs active-pasice LPAR cluster node. after integration have online server grp on node A. which is done successfully. for testing i have switch over my db SG on another node but on node B oracle home was not set properly so  it was got timout & again failover to node A. but when DB servicegrp come to NODE A, my node A went to HUNG state (unable to login but we can ping the server). so we reboot the lpar. once lpar come up, get worked for some time (almost 5 min) but again it went to hung state. so we reboot the node A & when server came up, I stopped cluster service on nodeA & it's working fine.

After some time almost 1 hrs I run hastart on nodeA & now it;s working fine.

can u help me to find out the why server went to hung state after db switch back to node A... also whn i again test switch over & switch back then again node A went to hung state.


Level 4

can you provide the VCS engine and System logs to know what was happening. Also, I feel you must log a support ticket so that they can investigate and solve you issue.