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$VCS_DIAG value

I would know how could i check the value for variable $VCS_DIAG in my rhel cluster.I know that the The default value for variable $VCS_DIAG is /var/VRTSvcs/.Is there any command which allows me tocheck it?

Check if LDFs is generated

 Spoiler  hello all, where could i check  whether or not log data files (LDFs) are generated and created under /var/VRTSvcs/ldfi know that  VCS_ENABLE_LDF If set to 1, LDFs are generated. If set to 0, they are not, but i am not able to check where th...

Resolved! Certificate Expiration

I have a legacy HA system running Cluster Server 6.1. For a non-priviliged user, hastatus -summary is suddenly returning "VCS ERROR V-16-1-53006 Unable to Connect to VCS engine correctly". I suspect the issue is an expired certificate (its been aroun...

kc3 by Level 2
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Resolved! Oracle agent

Hello.Oracle has made the following settings to enhance security.----------------------------------------------------------------------------<SQLNET.ORA FILE>SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NONE)-----------------------------------------------------...

Jihwan by Level 2
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i configure vcs 2 nodes with vxfen.more /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/main.cfinclude ""include ""include ""include ""include ""include ""include ""include "

Resolved! import dg

in 2 nodes vcs cluster node a crashes.nodes are vm in vmwarewhen i try to import dg on node b i could -disks are busy on other node.i tred vxdg -fC import dg-not successful.I tried vxfenclearpre-this not work.only if i restart node a then import ther...

Resolved! vcvs config

I need a comprehensive step by step vcs installation and configurating that has disk i/o fencing.If there are more then 2 nodes then i/o fencing is compulsory?

LVM extend and san migration

I have 2 node cluster active passive with no vxvm lv's.1. I want to extend one lv, what is the process for that.2. Client is planning for the SAN migration, lv's are running without vxvm, what steps I need to follow.For the 1st step can I run lvexten...

Resolved! Can I put the username and password on the command line

Hi.How can I put the username and password on the command line?I had some command like :hares.exe -offline processzyx -sys machinexyzThere is something like :hares.exe -offline processzyx -sys machinexyz -user aaa -password aaaa orhares.exe -offline ...


hi,The disks within dg should be scsi3-pr?If they are not then on scsi bus reset the service group that contains that dg will fail over?


When a service group goes continuosly onlin then offline,what should i do?When a service tries to go online and a resource can not be brought online,then the service goes offline?The vcs tries to bring it online,etc? the solution is to hagrp -flush -...

linuly by Level 4
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hi,usualy we have proxy resource defined in a group,then phantom resource defined in other group and other resources like aplication resource,so on defined in other group.It does not matter that proxy resource is defined in other group(then the resou...

lelu by Level 3
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hi,i know when privates links are down,then is better to have i/o fencing.when privates links are interrupted,had will send signal to vxfend in all nodes,then vxfend process uses gab on port b,this will conect to disk driver,so on.

linuly by Level 4
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hi,when i switchover a service group,or i use haconf to add or change ,then had uses gab port h (transmit data to gab driver on port h) then gab driver send data to llt driver to other nodes. right?

linuly by Level 4
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cluster status

Hi,The cluster status means the state of nodes,groups and resources.Right?

linuly by Level 4
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Hi,If on node i execute gabconfig -cx (only this node is up) then hastart ,then i start other node and gabconfig -cn2  then hastart,the vcs cluster will do things normally(i mean failover)?In normal state this cluster has 2 nodes.

upgrade on node

Hi,I like to upgrade 2 nodes vcs cluster.Let`s say that i failover the service that runs in node 1 to node2,and i hastop -local ,then stop gab and llt,then unload gab and llt.I upgrade vcs on node1.Now if i like to move back the service to node 1,wha...


hi,i try to install infoscale 7 on ABE (test)in solaris 11.In solaris boot environment  infoscale is not installed.I created a new boot environment -test-where i like to install infoscale.beadm listBE Name Flags Mountpoint Space Policy Created-------...

linuly by Level 4
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