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VCS service group in partial state

 Hi Team,I do not have the output of the files right now, but just want to know the logic behind it..In a 2 node cluster, one of the SG went on partial state.but when checked with Oracle Database team there DB is working fine on 2nd node.They have or...

Resolved! vxfen

Hi,How can istop vxfencing on vcs 7.2 on solaris 11 where i do not have /etc/init.d/vxfen script?tnx.

vucni11 by Level 4
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global cluster

Hi,I like to configure a global cluster.I have 2 nodes cluster and 1 node cluster.Cluster clust: test6 and test89 and another cluster with node test5.In test6 and test89:root@test89:~# more /etc/llttabset-node test89                                  ...

vucni11 by Level 4
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vcs add node

Hi,I have 2 nodes vcs cluster 6.0 and i wish to add a new node-solaris.test6 and test89 are the nodes that run in cluster clust.In both nodes i gabconfig -U,lltconfig -U,modunload -i <gab>,modunload -i <llt>root@test89:~# more /etc/hosts192.168.114.1...

vucni11 by Level 4
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Resolved! downloadinng Veritas cluster server trialware.

Hello there,I am trying to download Veritas cluster server 6.2 . all links taking me to symantec site where I can fins only nortan pruducts, not VCS. Can someone point me in right directionThanks. 

raghin by Level 2
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vcs resources monitoring time out

Hi All,Yesterday I faced issue with Application resource which was getting monitoring time outs multiple times. it's IState showing waiting to go online and flags was showing Monitoring time out.After multiple attempts of Agent Application resource c...

routing table flush by vcs

Hi expertsi met a problem;Platform RHL7i used system file /etc/sysconfig/network-script/route-bond1 & route-bond2 to defined the route table;after system display like:sys1:~# netstat -nrKernel IP routing tableDestination     Gateway       ...

bobo9 by Level 1
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vcs upgrade

hi,could i upgrade an vcs on several nodes in solaris 10 using live upgrade?means i upgrade vcs in new boot environment on every node,the nodes run as usual and at scheduled time i only boot the nodes using new boot environment.tnx 

vucni11 by Level 4
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MirrorView Agent issue

Hello,  There is one technote having solution. cause is "The current implementation of VCS agent for EMC MirrorView does not support medium Certification Verification Level." Need to understand w...

symsonu by Level 6
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VRTSvcs NIC:Nic:monitor:Invalid Device Name

Hello.I've a Veritas Cluster Server 5.0MP3RP3 on Solaris 10 with a MultiNICA & NIC resource configured.The host "indirizzalo" is configured with bge0 and nxge1. group net-sg (SystemList = { consegnalo = 0, trasportalo = 1, accettalo = 2,indirizzalo =...

vxfenc configuration in native lvm.

Hi All,In our environment we are using native LVM with VCS cluster in IBM AIX machines, can someone please help me with the procedure how to configure vxfence for disk based heart beating in the server with native LVM. Thanks in advance.Rufus.

Veritas InfoScale Availability, disk-based I/O fencing

Hallo,im trying to configure I/O fencing _after_ installation, but i'm getting errors:Oct 25 13:24:17 node-a vxdmp: WARNING: VxVM vxdmp V-5-0-336 Unlicensed array S/N SUN_7x10_Series installedOct 25 13:24:18 node-a vxvm:vxconfigd: V-5-1-1589 enable f...

mcapler by Level 3
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Resolved! Application agent resource is not prob please assist.

Hi,We tried configuring application agent in the server but it's not getting prob please help. -- RESOURCES NOT PROBED-- Group Type Resource SystemE CMOD-QA-DATASG Application CMOD_QA_APP cmodserv1E CMOD-QA-DATASG Application CMOD_QA_APP cmodserv2 ro...

service goup attribute change - AutoFailover

Hello,I'm trying to change the attribute on  AutoFailover and getting the following error  message. Isn't allowed ?# /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/hagrp -global PRD_SGR_XXXXXX  AutoFailOver 0VCS WARNING V-16-1-52030 Operation not allowed for AutoFailOver   

mokkan by Level 6
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