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VCS or HACMP for AIX 5.2?

Well, the bottom line is that I need to select one of these two products. All our applications run only on AIX. Could somebody point me to some documents which compares (both performance and features/functionality) between Veritas Cluster Server and ...

ColdFusionMX7 Application Agent ?

Hello All,Has anyone HA clustered ColdFusionMX7 ?Here is the situation:We are in the process of wrapping HA clustering around Apache/ColdFusion combination.Apache Agent: using Vpro Agent Framework 3.5P1 and Vpro Apache Agent 4.0.ColdFusionMX7: We are...

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All,I am not very good at scripting.We are using cluster server 1.3 which is not supported by veritas any more.Any help from this group in getting the following issue resolved would be of great help..All I need to do is..TO BLINDLY RUN A SCRIPT AFTER...

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OS & vcs upgrade

Hi, We are planning to upgrade VCS 3.5 to 4.0 MP1 and Solaris 8 to Solaris 9 at the same time.Can you share your experiences ?Thanks

How to Backup a MS Exchange 2003 Cluster

Hello,I have a quick question. I just setup a MSExchange 2003 Cluster and now need to setup a backup Stragety. I'm using Backup Exec 10.0 and would like to know where do I hand my tape library? I under stand how to configure the software..but unsu...

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partial stop or start

start 6800 running Solaris 9 and veritas 3.5 HA clustering.hastatus -sum displays Start|partial and Stop|partial on 2 different group states. I've tried clearing, and switching the resources but still receive resource is either onlining or offlining ...

Bug in Mount agent?

This is about a (possible) bug in SFRAC 4.0MP1 on Solaris 8.I have a filesystem that I need to mount using Mount agent. This requires FsckOpt to be set to either `-n' or `-y'. Problem is, this does not work from the command line: I am getting a syn...

VCS SMTP support on Unix - problems and suggestions

There are several problems related to SMTP in VCS that I would like to describe here. I am speaking about SFRAC 4.0MP1 on Solaris 8, but I guess the issues below are generic.1. On Unix, typical approach to sending mail out is to invoke sendmail dire...

VCS with NFS

Hi,I am running VCS 3.5/MP3 and configured HA NFS.I have a client host has heavy IO against the NFS mount.When I failover the resource group few times, one of the cluster node got panic.The only workaround I have is to mount the client host via UDP. ...

Servers with bad llttabpowered down

While configuring VCS 4.0MP1 on a 3-node Solaris 8 cluster (actually, fsrac but this is irrelevant), I made a stupid mistake: copied the same /etc/llttab file to all three nodes and rebooted them. As a result, all three had the same node name, and, ...