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VCS & Veritas Netbackup bp.conf Configurations

I'm looking for information on how to set up our bp.conf files on database servers that are brought under Veritas clustering. We have 2 Oracle database servers each have an IPMP configuration. They're also configured within Veritas Clustering. We're...

nic cards for heatbeat and ports

I have heard that the recommendation for the heatbeat using a NIC between nodes with VCS should be dedicated. My question is if you have a dual or quad NIC is there any recommendation for not using the other ports on the NIC for other purposes (e.g. ...

Convert MSCS to SFWHA 4.2

Has anyone converted their clusters from MSCS to Veritas? I have been looking for a doc that explains what steps should be taken as well as "these are the things I've seen".. I know that it can be done but I can’t find much info on what you should do...

More info required on VCS 4.0 MP1 with AIX 5.3 VIO

Has anyone got any more info or practical experience in using VCS 4.0, maintenance pack 1 with AIX v5.3, particularly regarding use with the Advanced Power Virtualisation, APV,, features of AIX 5.3. All I have found is the MP1 release notes which sta...

VxSvc starting too late ?

StorageFoundationHA 4.2 on Windows 2003 (without SP1)After a reboot of the server the VCS agents for MountV and VMDg are trying to probe the resources and fail. The problem is obviously, that the VERITAS Enterprise Administrator Service (VxSvc / vxob...

Hidden Shares

Has anybody experienced problems with hidden shares when a volume fails over to another cluster server node? The hidden share either goes away, or appears to all users. The "$" sign after the share name is gone. Kinda wierd.

Network Share Resource Still There

When 2 volumes reside on 1 cluster server in our configuration, the contents of both volumes resides in each respective network folder share name, and can be accessed from both network share locations. That's fine, until one of the volumes is failed...

VCS 3.5 and CVM

Hi Friends,I have setup VCS 3.5 on Solaris 9, i am facing problem while configuring shared disk. As per doc i need to configure CVM using VRTScavf package installed, and byrunning " vxcvmconf " command, i have done the same butthe o/p of " vxdclt -c...

Installing Cluster Server 4.0 on AIX using SSH2

I am currently trying to install cluster server onto 2 AIX LPARs. Both systems have SSH2 installed (not SSH1). The Perl script for doing the install and configuration is setup for SSH1. The installation occurs on both systems but I get error messa...

MSDTC and Service Pack 1

I have just installed cluster services on a windows 2003 server in a lab. I have added the MSDTC (distributed Transaction Coordinator in the default cluster group. I have no problems bringing the resource online right after i create it. However, afte...

Hostname change

Hi, I have a 2 nodes cluster on AiX (vcs 4.0 MP1, AiX 5.3) and I need to change both the hostnames.Which is the shortest way to do it? Where can I find any documentation concerning this topic?Thanks Andrea

question on HA

Please help! I am doing research on data protection/HA and need input from you on the following:1. How much signing authority (in terms of dollars) do IT managers have for buying products that provide HA/data protection?A) $10KB) $15KC) $20K2. Who ne...


I am using an application called InfoWorkSpace (by Enzenia). It's a collaboration sw that uses Oracle 8i as the backend database. I am looking for a high availability solution. I have a server running IWS and a standy one for just in case. Here a...

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VxVM under VCS 3.5

Hi,Do I need to run vxcvmconfig to enable VxVM functionality under VCS or do I only need install the license for VxVM custer functionality?Thanks,

Event Trigger for VCS 4.1 on Windows2000

I would like to use the to run a batch file after a service group "fileshare" go offline on system "server1".Although there were a sample postoffline script,i didn't got any idea how to write the coding part.So,i would like to if there...