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split brain

Hi,In a situation when i encounter a split brain what should i do first is to shutdown the minicluster with the lower number of nodes or a node (if there are 2 node vcs) and then inform the manager or first inform the manager?w_online shows me that i...

vucni11 by Level 4
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Resolved! Adding a node having read only filesystem

Hi Team,We have 6 node active-active cluster, our client has a requirement that we will have to add a 7th node which will have read only filesystem setup.What do we require to do in VCS setup. Thanks & regards,Allaboutunix

Resolved! expand file system ufs in RDS environment

Hi I would like to expand the file system, on both nodes in a global cluster environment.I would like to have a feedback from you.Are these steps correct ?how can I stop/start Replication ? BRTizianoroot@MILHB01S # df -h /opt/sybase/data  Filesystem ...

tgenova by Level 4
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cfs step

hi,I wish to know if my steps in order to add a disk and create volume on it,into cfs with a master node and 4 slave nodes is like:-detect the new disk on every node(master and slave)-solaris devfsadm-vxdct enable in every node-init this disk on mast...

vucni11 by Level 4
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System heavily Loaded

EnvironmentHA Nodes = 2Product = SFHAVersion 6.1.1ERROR / WARNINGJune 12 18:30:00 NODE4 kernel: LLT INFO V-14-1-10035 timer not called for 3235 ticksJune 12 18:30:00 NODE4 kernel: LLT INFO V-14-1-10205 link 0 (eth3) node 0 in troubleUnderstandingAs p...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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vxdg import

hi,i have 5 nodes vcs cluster with CFS,parallel cluster.i like to know the steps when the vxdg import -s DG is issued on master node:-the node device tree is created at OS level-the node device tree is created at vxvm level-the disks,subdisks,plexes,...

vucni11 by Level 4
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DG maintenance

Hi,If i stop the application with kill comand without to freeze the SG before,then the aplication resource will be in ofline or fault?thus the SG will failover.If a SG is online (Application resource -online,mount point -online,volume -online,ip-onli...

vucni11 by Level 4
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Resolved! vxvm

Hi,I noticed that if i have a volume associated with a raid 1 or raid 5,and if a plex from mirror failed or a subdisk from raid 5 failed,then the volume is still active if the DG was imported previously and during the time plex or subdisk failed.I li...

vucni11 by Level 4
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Time taken for failover

Hi,I am new to VCS and am planning to use it for my COBOL based application. I want to have two servers in my prod environment Primary and Secondary. I want to support Automatic failover without disconnecting the users who access the COBOL applicatio...

Resolved! vcs freeze

hi,i like to know if i must to freeze a service group on a vcs node if:-i use vxrecover to sync mirror plexes or recreate raid5-i resize volume-i change a volume from linear to mirror-any other operation without to import or deport dg.could i use fsa...

vucni11 by Level 4
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Resolved! unsuccessful cluster failover occured because of nic faulted

Hello,  Platform: solaris 11 Logs:  Jun 23 16:36:49 nodeA Had[5211]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] VCS ERROR V-16-1-54031 Resource csgnic (Owner: Unspecified, Group: ClusterService) is FAULTED on sys nodeA Jun 23 16:37:49 nodeA Had[5211]: [ID 702911 ...

c0derx by Level 3
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Resolved! Grow a CVM_CFS on Linux 6.5 VCS 6.2

Hello  I'm some newe whit Veritas Cluster, so i'll apreciate your valious help !! I have this scenario 1 ) 3 node Cluster whit CVM_CFS sharing same FS at same time  2 ) a Resource group whit NFS Sharing the CFS of the cluster to a couple o Client...

Resolved! WebLogic could not decrypt the password

I need to know why my weblogic agent is giving me: V-16-55008-20039: Could not decrypt the password I cant find any details of this error in the knowledge base Regards

Apache doesn't start

Hi! I got a VCS configured with apache web server agent. I tried to put it online (from command line it works) in the cluster and I see the following in the Apache_A.log 2016/06/16 12:45:52 VCS ERROR V-16-10061-20318 Apache:ApacheDMZ:online:<Apache...

Resolved! Agent exiting in vcs 6.1 on rhel6.6

Hi All,   i have 10 nodes vcs cluster setup on rhel 6.6  ,here 28 service groups are running . some are parallel and mostly are failover service groups i am getting below error around work     Jun 19 05:37:20 HTNDPUEDSVC01 AgentFramework[10121]...