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Veritas Cluster

I need to know the licensing method if i am planning to run 4 Node Window cluster  on Virtual machine. 1) Physical Machine having Dual CPU with 12 core ( Intel Xeon E5). 2) Virtual Machine having 16 vcpu each . So need to understand how many licen...

Resolved! Integration between Veritas Cluster and JDBC driver

Dear Sir,   Currently our application uses Oracle RAC for DB failover management and pool the connection at application end. In case of DB failover at one node, application receives the FAN events. Application determine the DB failover based on fai...

Resolved! VCS: Add a node to cluster using command line

Hi! I can't seem to find to a manuel on how to add a new node to cluster using command line utilities. The situation is as follows: I need to reinstall the OS on one of the nodes. I have successfully removed the node from cluster (now it's running o...

Resolved! VCS/SFHA on RHEL - Disk Multipathing via O/S

  Hi, I am setting up a VCS/SFHA for the first time. I have question about clustered disks / filesystems and setting up IO Fencing. Environment is : 2 Physical RHEL Boxes. RHEL 6.7 running VCS What is the supported / best way to present...

after database integration LPAR went to HUNG state.

Hi, I have intergrated  oracle database in vcs active-pasice LPAR cluster node. after integration have online server grp on node A. which is done successfully. for testing i have switch over my db SG on another node but on node B oracle home was not...

Tiger09 by Level 4
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Resolved! Check number of node supported by license

Hi all, I want to know my VCS license support how many nodes. What can I do? If I want to add more nodes, I should change license on all of the nodes?   Thanks in advance Regards,

Rahim_T by Level 3
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Disbled only databse resources in service group

Hi,   we have 2 node ACTIVE-PASSIVE DB cluster, but due to h/w issue my DB active node got down; but service grp is not get fail over to another node.   We manually start SG on another node but database got in recovery mode, SG is not fully comin...

Tiger09 by Level 4
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Resolved! Jeopardy state Query

Hi Team,   I have a query,If I have a 2 node cluster set up( S1 -S2) and system S2 went into the state of Jeopardywhat would be the impact on the service group if a) SG has no critical resources setup b) SG has critical resource set up What woul...

Resolved! Need way to create VCS group attributes

We have long been able to create new VCS resource attributes using hatype and haattr commands.  We would like to be able to create new group attributes.  In our particular use case, we would like to create a temporary group attribute called SleepMoni...

S_Herdejurgen by Level 4
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Unable to boot into the OS

When trying to boot Solaris 10 server with veritas volume manager 4.0 I get the following error. NOTICE: VxVM vxdmp V-5-0-34 added disk array DISKS, datype = Disk Oct 21 01:16:57 svc.startd[7]: svc:/system/power:default: Could not interpret user pr...

Resolved! VCS SAP HANA agent

Hello all!   We have Replicated Data Cluster two nodes in local cluster. No global clustering.   My questions now about our RDC cluster. I could not find all neсessary information in  cluster pdf doc.   1.  When the primary Site1 fails   (or we...

Resolved! Continuity after a failover

Hi, I am new to clustering.  1. If I create a cluster with 2 nodes and shared storage, and keep my application running on node1, client applications will be connecting to my application on node1. In the event of a failover, when the application sta...

yashgt by Not applicable
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Resolved! lltconfig ERROR V-14-2-15121 LLT unconfigure aborted,

Hello, I've a 2 node cluster, with on CP server and 2 fencing disks. But think something is wrong on my fencing configuration. OS : RHEL6.6  VCS 6.2.1 # gabconfig -a GAB Port Memberships =========================================================...

Resolved! Replacing node

hi, I am using VCS on two node cluster having OS Solaris 10 Sparc. One primary node is having 13 CPU, 52 GB RAM and secondary node is having 4 CPU, 20 GB RAM. In case of primary node failure, secondary node is unable to handle the load. So we want ...

Resolved! Application resource is in w_offline state

Hi All, I have created a application resource in a veritas cluster of 2 nodes. It does not have any dependency on any other resource. One primary node, it's state is correct(OFFLINE) but on secondary node it is in w_offline state.Logs show that th...

pawan_n by Level 3
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