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Resolved! lltconfig ERROR V-14-2-15121 LLT unconfigure aborted,

Hello, I've a 2 node cluster, with on CP server and 2 fencing disks. But think something is wrong on my fencing configuration. OS : RHEL6.6  VCS 6.2.1 # gabconfig -a GAB Port Memberships =========================================================...

Resolved! Replacing node

hi, I am using VCS on two node cluster having OS Solaris 10 Sparc. One primary node is having 13 CPU, 52 GB RAM and secondary node is having 4 CPU, 20 GB RAM. In case of primary node failure, secondary node is unable to handle the load. So we want ...

Resolved! Application resource is in w_offline state

Hi All, I have created a application resource in a veritas cluster of 2 nodes. It does not have any dependency on any other resource. One primary node, it's state is correct(OFFLINE) but on secondary node it is in w_offline state.Logs show that th...

pawan_n by Level 3
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Bind Steward to a specific IP

Is it possible to bind Steward to a specific IP? The question arise after we realised in one deployment where the host with Steward has several IPs from the same network was sending Steward responses from different IP from time to time which was not ...

Mouse by Moderator
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Resolved! Disk group fails after implementing disk group fencing

Hi,   I have a laboratory scenario with two virtual machines. Those virtual machines have installed SFHA 6.2 suite. Version of RHEL is 6.5. I firstly installed a failover cluster of oracle database. Binaries are installed localy and the database f...

achebib by Level 4
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Understanding RestartLimit for non critical ressource

Hello, we have some trouble with our oracle listener process. sometimes the listener is killed by vcs. We dont know why. xxx VCS ERROR V-16-2-13027 (node1) Resource(lsnr-ORADB1) - monitor procedure did not complete within the expected time. xxx VCS...

Resolved! VCS 6.2 Agents for Adabas and MariaDB

Hi colleagues, For a customer I have to integrate two seperate databases into VCS 6.2 running on Oracle Linux. However I have no experience with both of them. And I could not find anything on SORT. Could someone point me to the right direction rega...

sanderfiers by Level 3
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Resolved! DIMM replacement on VCS active node

Hi Team, We have to replace DIMM on the active  node in which VCS services is currently running. Kindly guide step by step procedure  for this activity,also please suggest the prerequisities before starting this activity. This is very very crucial...

Resolved! New fileshare ressource fail on the second node

Hello guys, I need your help about a new fileshare that I create on a cluster ressource. I created the new fileshare as the old ones already excist on the same ressource. When I try to do a failover to the second node, the old fileshares bring onl...

Jimb2k by Level 4
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Resolved! Speed of Heartbeat Link

I try to find out in the document. But cannot find about the speed requirement of the VCS heartbeat link. Can I use only 10/100 Mbps switch for the connection.

pgm10s by Level 5
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Resolved! HAD unregistration problem with gab (failed) : VCS 6.0

Dear Team, I'm a newbi here.  We have a VCS setup on two linux (6.4) nodes (SFCFSHA 6.0). When customer tried to reboot a master node, the following error messages (confirming that HAD has unregistered with VCS (retry 1) FAILED) appeared on iLOM an...

Resolved! vcsencrypt to use with esx hosts

Hi I am facing the following problem. I am using the java console to configure a vmware disk agent. Before I open the console I encrypt the password of my esxi hosts (e.g: test2000) with the following command: vcsencrypt -agent  This asks me the ...

achebib by Level 4
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Resolved! CP server version for 2 differents SFHA version

Hello, I've got 2 clusters under RHEL6.3 using SFHA 6.0.30 they are connected to a Cordinate Point server 6.0.30 I want to install 2 new clusters under RHEL6.6 using SFHA 6.2.1 My questions : Can my 4 clusters uses the sames CP server ? If yes,...

Resolved! Are we monitoring the right object?

Just some quick questions.  We use Veritas Clustering for providing an HA solution for database servers.  We have set up the vcs montoring to try to connect to the database every 3 minutes.  After 4 attempts the VCS kills the primary pid and fails ov...

jims2321 by Not applicable
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Resolved! add node to VCS for SQL

Hello    Currently , I have 2 node cluser for SQL database. There are requirement to add new node to the existing cluster. If I install windows  , sql installation &  configuration as same as the exsing nodes. The finally step are just adding the...

pgm10s by Level 5
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Resolved! Process Agent

Hi all, I have configured SQL service group. I need a restart 1C application server after failover accours. For this purpose I will use script. The script will done 1 time after service group become online. I think process agent can help me. For t...