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Resolved! Are we monitoring the right object?

Just some quick questions.  We use Veritas Clustering for providing an HA solution for database servers.  We have set up the vcs montoring to try to connect to the database every 3 minutes.  After 4 attempts the VCS kills the primary pid and fails ov...

jims2321 by Not applicable
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Resolved! add node to VCS for SQL

Hello    Currently , I have 2 node cluser for SQL database. There are requirement to add new node to the existing cluster. If I install windows  , sql installation &  configuration as same as the exsing nodes. The finally step are just adding the...

pgm10s by Level 5
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Resolved! Process Agent

Hi all, I have configured SQL service group. I need a restart 1C application server after failover accours. For this purpose I will use script. The script will done 1 time after service group become online. I think process agent can help me. For t...

Resolved! distance max on veritas cluster VVR

Dear Support I want to implement a VCS cluster replication between 2 nodes_storages. What is the max distance for heartbeat connection? Can I use FC for heartbeat connection? Regards.

taoufik by Level 3
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Resolved! Migration of VCS Cluster to new servers

Hello, I have a two nodes veritas cluster with SQL & file shares ressources. The goal is to migrate the data and ressources to a new servers. How can I create first a standalone node and trasport the data and configuration of the cluster. And rec...

Jimb2k by Level 4
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Resolved! File permission change for directory in vcs

Hi All ,   We have a directory say /test which is under vcs in AIX ,The filesystem is JFS2 .  The owner and group of directory is root:root .The filesystem is currently mounted by vcs . canwe chnage the permission with chown command . NOTE: i do...

Dilipsun by Level 2
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Resolved! unexpected reboot

Hi all, I am runing a SFRAC environnement and one of my 2 nodes cluster frequently reboots unexpectedly. I went through the OS logs and the VCS engine_A but didnt find any clue. Is that an eviction ? when i run lltstat, i can see some errors coun...

kwakou by Level 4
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Resolved! VMwareDisks status unknown

Dear all, I add a VMwareDisks resource for a RDM volume, but I find SOMETIME the VMwareDisks show as status unknown and fail to online the volume. I try to add the RDM disk from vCenter manually. However the disk paths suppose to be [datastore] host...

kat1234 by Level 4
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Resolved! Integrating SAP with VCS 6.2 (on Oracle Linux 6.5)

Hi, I was wondering if someone has some additional information regarding how to setup my cluster... I have both VCS (inclusing Storage Foundation) and Linux knowledge. I do however have no background in SAP. And as SAP is a very complex product, I...

sanderfiers by Level 3
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Resolved! LVM + multipath + diskreservation on VCS 6.2

Hello I have questions about the usage of LVM with multipath on VC 6.2. In our environnement we have : VCS 6.2 (I don't have storage fundation)The nodes are virtual machine with redhat 6.5.The iscsi lun are presented from netapp cluster cmode usin...

Note able to configure the HA Proxy with Application Agent

Hi Guys,   I am not able to configure the HA proxy with application AGENT. its not giving the status after probed completed. Application HAPROXY (                 Critical = 0                 StartProgram = "/usr/src/haproxy-1.5.12/HAPROXY start...

lazaur by Level 4
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Resolved! Resource created on single node

Hi Guys, I configured VCS Clustered on single node and my requirement if resaouce going offline or terminated VCS should try to online it. i set the resfault file but no luck please help.       

lazaur by Level 4
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Resolved! how LLT heartbeat setting MAC address ?

I was able to set the MAC addressin LLT , but its getting changed after every server reboot,   Node A  # lltstat -nvv | head -10 LLT node information:     Node                 State    Link  Status  Address    *  0 node a            OPEN      ...

Resolved! IP agent for same mac address interface

Hi all, Our environment as the following: OS: redhat 6.5 VCS: VCS 6.2.1 Our server have two physical network port, namely eth0 and eth1. We do create tagged vlan, vlan515, vlan516, vlan518, vlan520 based on eth0 and eth1. We are able to create ...

Xentar by Level 4
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Resolved! Sybase licence and VCS configuration

Hello, We have configured the sybase database  instance under VCS,  but binaries are installed on shared drive as well.  When it comes to sybase licence, database team generated using hostid.  If we want to share the sybase licence between both node...

mokkan by Level 6
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Resolved! VCS - Resource to mount CIFS shares

Hi, I want to manage a CIFS mount within a Service Group and cannot find the appropriate resource. I just one to mount a CIFS share in my VCS cluster, acting as a client. Can anyone let me know which Resource type should I use?     Thanks & Reg...

Resolved! split brain

hi, if i have 7 nodes in vcs,node a to node e serve 4 service failover groups and node f and g serve an orac.If suddenly i have a split brain case,all the nodes lose the llt conection,what is the fastest and secure way to deal with this? sure i sho...