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Resolved! IP agent for same mac address interface

Hi all, Our environment as the following: OS: redhat 6.5 VCS: VCS 6.2.1 Our server have two physical network port, namely eth0 and eth1. We do create tagged vlan, vlan515, vlan516, vlan518, vlan520 based on eth0 and eth1. We are able to create ...

Xentar by Level 4
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Resolved! Sybase licence and VCS configuration

Hello, We have configured the sybase database  instance under VCS,  but binaries are installed on shared drive as well.  When it comes to sybase licence, database team generated using hostid.  If we want to share the sybase licence between both node...

mokkan by Level 6
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Resolved! VCS - Resource to mount CIFS shares

Hi, I want to manage a CIFS mount within a Service Group and cannot find the appropriate resource. I just one to mount a CIFS share in my VCS cluster, acting as a client. Can anyone let me know which Resource type should I use?     Thanks & Reg...

Resolved! split brain

hi, if i have 7 nodes in vcs,node a to node e serve 4 service failover groups and node f and g serve an orac.If suddenly i have a split brain case,all the nodes lose the llt conection,what is the fastest and secure way to deal with this? sure i sho...

Resolved! troubleshoot hang application

hi, if an application hangs and it is part of an service group,how i troubleshoot things? first should i stop the service group hagrp -offline?if this not works then should i try to stop each resource hares -offline?if this not wotks then i kill -9...

Resolved! Trigger after failed cleanup script

Hi there, I have a system where the cleanup script can fail/timeout and I want to execute another script if this happens. And I was wondering which can be the best way of doing this. In the veritas cluster server administrators guide for Linux I fo...

javierrv by Not applicable
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Resolved! RESNOTOFF not triggered.

Hi, I am following the veritas cluster server administrators guide for linux and trying to trigger the resnotoff script. From the documentation it is my understanding that is a resource faults and the clean command returns 1, resnotoff should be tri...

justinfay by Not applicable
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Resolved! Echo message (Request/Response) Monitor

Environment OS = Linux 6x/7x SFHA = Suppose latest i.e 6x Query: We have a two nodes local HA. A customized application running on it(HA) fine. The customized application send a tcp echo response (800) on the tcp echo request of (810) from a mach...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! gco

hi, i understand that a gco is a virtual(global) cluster formed from 2 vcs clusters each one in a separate site.the heartbeat between nodes from the sites goes over the wan?the gab traffic that updates all the nodes between the 2 sites,goes over thi...

Resolved! gco fencing

hi, i think that vxfencing could be setup only within evey cluster from every site.i am not aware if vxfencing could be setup as global fencing.suppose i have a node in site 1 and other node in site 2,and a failover group uses node1 or node2.if the ...

Resolved! fault of primary node in a global cluster

Hi Guy. I have a global cluster formed by 2 mini-cluster of one node only each one synchronized in asynchronous mode. I wanted to simulate a fault of primary node with solaris command 'halt' root@MILWB02S # hagrp -state AppService #Group ...

tgenova by Level 4
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Resolved! global vcs

hi, if i have node a and b in site 1 and node c and d in site 2,then if i wish to configure them into global vcs in this way-nod a and node c serve a failover group and node b and d serve a parallel group. i saw if i wish to setup gco first in site...

Resolved! vcs thing

hi, i wish to ask a couple of this all related. i could have failover and parallel service groups in the same vcs.right? in my opinion would be better if i setup a different vcs only for failover services and another for parallel services rather t...

Resolved! When can 'hasys -nodeid' fail?

Dear All, We are running VCS Engine version and need to use 'hasys -nodeid'  to  get info about the node. So in what scenario can this command fail  ? Also in VCS  6.1 . , the man page info for this command states that it will display th...

Resolved! Disk space reporting

I'm runing VCS 5.0 and have a SG with NFS shares off a RAID from the two servers in my cluster. The problem I'm running into is a conflict of how much disk space is being used with a "df" compared to a "du". One of the file systems is off by 36GB. We...

Resolved! False reporting by VCS Host Monitor

    May 25 03:54:10 node-02 Had[8671]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] VCS CRITICAL V-16-1-50086 CPU usage on node-02 is 91% May 25 03:55:09 node-02 Had[8671]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] VCS CRITICAL V-16-1-50086 CPU usage on node-02 is 95% May 25 04:52...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! Cluster node not starting as one node is down.

Hi Experts, Need help in understanding cluster of 1+1 , my master node is down due an OS issue and now the slave node should ideal takeover but i see it is not starting. Attached is the Engine.log where i can see some "ShutdownTimeout" , please let...

Resolved! Veritas cluster migrating to a new array.

We have veritas cluster version -5 running on solaris 10. We need to migrate the storage to a new array. Mirrioring volumes is not possible as there are many diskgroups and volumes. The plan is to sync all the LUN's to new array and siwtch the cables...

sreeks by Level 2
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