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Resolved! 6.0.5 install w/all patches

Hi Forum Friends, I need some help installing SFHA with all patches included. I wanted to know if there is a way to install all of these below in the same command? The Sort installation report shows I need these patches PatchDateSizecpi-

Resolved! Need inputs on configuring alerts to send email upon faults

I am planning to setup alerts for my application to notify users upon faults. I understand that i need to configure a NotifierMngr resourse under ClusterService. Please answer following questions that i have for my understanding.   1) Should I co...

Resolved! vxfen in replaying state after reboot

Hi, I have rebooted a cluster with CPS vxfencing.  there is no SAN disks mapped to the cluster. However, "vxfenadm -d" shows 2 out of 4 nodes is in (replaying state) for a long time. i had to do hastop -all (properly on the nodes with the replay s...

IdaWong by Level 4
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Resolved! How to contiure VCS service in case of one server.

English follows Japanese. ■問い合わせ内容 Server2台でクラスタを構成している。 仮にServer2をOS shutdownした状態ではVCSサービスは継続する。 この状況下でServer1がもしOS不具合でOSリスタートもしくは手動でOS停止してしまった場合に Server1がOS起動完了してもVCSのサービスが起動しない。 この状況下でServer1のみでも各サービスグループを起動する(ONLINE化)方法、手順を知りたい。 ※Server1でh...

Ke-ko by Not applicable
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Resolved! crash dump

hi, i wish to force a crash dump on a vcs should i perform it? should i failover first the service group or no? then i force the crash dump on this node. if i do not failover the service group,then: -if the node where i forced the crash...

Resolved! oracle incident

hi, in a vcs node i have an oracle instance running.if by accident one process of this instance is killed,how i fix this?should i freeze the service group and then stop and start the instance using the scripts?     if i shutdown a service group o...

Need inputs in adding IP routes on failover

I have a requirement where I need to update the add the routes for my application  to connect to the network and source systems everytime the failover or switchover happens. If Application is running on node 1 then following routes should be added ...

Resolved! webspher application sever monitoring

Hello,   I have setup websphhere using Applicaiton agent on ApplicaitonHA and it is working fine. Once I se it up on 2 node cluster, once the critical resource is fualted is it not failing over. Do I need to use WebSphere as an agent? Or Applicatio...

mokkan by Level 6
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Resolved! Multi nic concept in vcs

Team,   I have gone through the doc to understand the functionalities of Multinic in vcs,however unable to get it completely. Could you please explain step by step about the Multinic and how to configure its resources?  I have to give training in...

Resolved! Diff B/W MountPath and MountPoint

What is the difference between attributes MountPoint and MountPath of Mount Type resources? I am able to find MountPath in Windows while on Linux I can see MountPoint only.   I have a script using a command which is trying  to get MountPath but is...

Resolved! Licensing for Veritas Cluster Server

Hi, Symantec (Veritas) Cluster Server license (to run on an HP server) The cluster server licenses will be running on 2 virtual Windows servers each with 8 cores. Is this enough information?

_Shk_ by Level 4
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Cluster cannot detect my Oracle Apps resource is up

Hi, i am trying to configure the Oracle Apps to be under cluster when i put all the required vairables required by the resource the cluster couldn't be able detect that the processes is online ,here under the variables: Oracle Apps Version ...