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Resolved! VCS AutoStartList configuration question

Hello,   We are running 2 node cluster and  Node 1 is primary and Node 2 is secondary.  If I set the AutoStartList =  { Node1 }   IF I reboot Node1,  SG will fail over to Node2, but  when Node 1 comes back online, would SG will fail over back to ...

mokkan by Level 6
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VCS Agent Details Sybase

Hi,   We have Storage Foundation HA (SFHA) working with Sybase, now we are thinking on upgrading our ASE version to 16. I was checking the agent details, and the information I see is the following:   VCS Agent DetailsSybase, SybaseBk.6.0.Red Hat...

Resolved! VCS ERROR V-16-1-10600 Cannot connect to VCS engine

I have installed Symantec Storage Foundation v.4.0 for Linux, Veritas Cluster Servises 4.1 with oracle agents on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 update 8. I have installed two nodes in the cluster. Everything worked perfectly. There has been a power fail...

Resolved! how to install the guest component of SFWHA

In SYMANTEC HIGH AVAILABILITY Soultion GUIDE for VMWARE P22 You can install the guest components in the following ways: ■ Using the product installer Use this method to install the guest components in physical or virtual environments. For more d...

ylin-123 by Level 4
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Resolved! Resources offline again and again

Hi Team, Yesterday, I had an issue as resouces are coming to offline state again and again after manually making it online.I didn't have an output now, however just want to know the reason behind it and what could be its resolution. OS: Sol 10 VCS...

Resolved! Can members of a bonded-NIC be configured as VCS LLT links?

Scenario-1: SFRAC 5.0.1 and above,such as 5.1, 5.1SP1, 6.0, 6.1 ...... HPUX 11.31-0909 Oracle RAC   lan3 and lan4 are bonded to be lan901, which is configured as Oracle RAC heartbeat.   lan3 and lan4 have different MAC address.   I ...

xhawk by Level 4
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Resolved! Un-clustering a simple 2 node SQL cluster

Can anyone point me in the direction of some good articles or info on removing clustering all together.  Here is our setup, 2 physical nodes, SFHA 5.1 SP2, 2008 enterprise 64bit, SQL 2005.  We just don't need the clustering component anymore and are ...

krash by Level 3
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VCS: NBU failover impeded by nagios monitoring - any experience?

OS: SUSE Linux; VCS: 5.1 NBU: 7.1 clustered Master Server in own SG scenario: Nagios regularly starts diverse CLI commands on NBU to check for e.g. long-running jobs, nbemm still responding etc... It seems that these checks stop VCS from doing a sw...

bert_geiger by Moderator
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Resolved! Monitor failing on inactive host for Application agent

Split off from The application agent seems to be running on both servers and the monitor is obviously failing on the secondary host. What attribute do I need to set so that...

Mark777 by Level 3
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Resolved! Help with HA App and DNS Resource

Hi,   I have an application installed on HA Cluster. The agent for the App will change the dns entry based on the active host/application. Can someone give me some pointers as to how to create this so that when the active system, it applies the co...

Mark777 by Level 3
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Resolved! Fileshare vs CompositeFileShare

Hi,   I am new to Windows Fileshare and compositeFile Share.  What are the diffrences between Windows fileshare and CompositeFileShare?    

mokkan by Level 6
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Resolved! Enabling resntoff trigger

Hello to everyone. I have a resource that some times fail and then the clean of the resource fail too. So the resource remain on-line. I want to enable the resnotoff trigger in order know when the resource clean fail. I have configured the trigger ...

Resolved! Suggestion Required on Primary Site replacement

Environment SFHA/DR = 6.1 OS = RHEL 6.3 Primary Site nodes = two DR Site nodes = one Query We need to shift primary site nodes to a new location without SAN Storage. At new premises a new SAN will be attached with those nodes. We have the follo...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Query on VCS & VxVM

Hi Gaurav, I wish to verify with you troubleshooting things. An service group could failover onto other node because the curent running node is heavy loaded?If yes how i could see that this is the reason?Any clue on engine_A.log?Then cpus load more...

Resolved! LLT WARNING V-14-1-10498

Hi, I have seen this error at Solaris log and I want to discover why this is happening: Jun 30 19:07:07 dp-node9 llt: [ID 216203 kern.notice] LLT WARNING V-14-1-10498 recvarpack cross links? links 0 and 1 saw the same peer link number 1 for node 1 ...

Resolved! Server down cases

I am not sure whether I am asking this question to the right place however, A general question,some days earlier I have heard that facebook server has gone down for 15 mins.Some years ago i have heard the same news in some other big company that ser...

Resolved! changing mount point under VCS

Hi Experts How can we change the mount point for shared external volume under the veritas cluster online. specs: 1) OS: Solaris 2) No of nodes in cluster: 10   e,g. currently we have: /dev/vx/dsk/abcd1dg/vol01  mounted on  /var/opt/ABCD1 We n...