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ClusterService group cant switch with nbu_group

I install infoscale 7.3.1 and Netbackup 8.1.1. I have two nodes.When I switch nbu_group, it switches to the other node successfully. However, I have to manually pass the ClusterService group. When I switch nbu_group, what do I need to do to switch th...

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Resolved! CFS cluster disks question

Hi, I'm pretty new to this so apologies if this is a dumb question.I'm running on RHEL 6.10 with Symantec Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA 6.2 installed on 4 servers. SAN storage has been presented to them. My goal is to mount a shared CFS f...

Disable automatic node join after failover

Hi,I want to disable the automatic nodes join in the VCS cluster. Once the failed node comes up I should start the VCS service manually. Shal I change the parameter in /etc/sysconfig/vcs from VCS_START=1 to VCS_START=0 ?Please let me know how I can c...

VCS discovery windows

Hello Experts,As part of a monitoring solution, we have been relying upon the presence of below registry keys to detect presence of a VCS on Windows,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\VC HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\VCS\Base   This however se...

Trigger Script for SAP HANA

HelloI am trying to configure VCS for a 2 Node SAP HANA Scale Up solution wherein the primary node replicates to the secondary node using HANA System Replication in sync mode. I need a trigger file to start the Databases respectively on the 2 nodes a...

Cluster failover fail due to listener

HiI configure two database on two system, one database production and one database test.Find configuration details on files attached. Due to two listener entry database can startup on system.[root@srv-cui-db-01 ~]# hagrp -state#Group Attribut...

knguessan by Level 4
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Oracle DB licence

Greetings !!Designing a solution to have a 3 node Oracle 19C database failover cluster. From a Oracle product licencing perspective, what can be tweaked to reduce the licencing costs ?If the binaries are installed on the shared drive as what the admi...

mbarlow by Level 3
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hi,if i have a filover service and a parallel service that work together i think i create vcs cluster for failover service and a cvm cluster to parallel service.right?

linuly by Level 4
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Resolved! info

hi,i have an application and a parallel database (database that is accessed from multiple nodes).must i setup the cvm for parralel cluster(database) and failover service for application?

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Resolved! how things work

every node in vcs has in-memory information about cluster.when we issue any command line -hasys so on-the command interract with the vcs on local node and this will retrieve the requested information from in-memory.right?

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hi,if i have an service(s1) that brings up an aplication an another service(s2) that brings up a database-then can i configure that s1 to start and failover on a group of the nodes and s2 to start and failover on other group of the nodes of the same ...

linuly by Level 4
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Resolved! VCS cannot startup

Hi All ,The enviornment is configured two node form the active / passive cluster, i have maintenance for active node , switch to passive node to online cluster, but check the status is in parital, I have no idea what happen on the issue.  Can you ple...

Link resource on db server

Dear All,I would like to do the link dependency group on the VCS on solaris  ,  I share the .As you can see the Ora_Mnt_db2 and Ora_Mnt_db1 mount point , the Ora instance on the Ora_Mnt_db2 mount point, I will relocate some tablespace to Ora ...

VxFEN driver not configured.

Dear All,I use this key statement to find the different way to try fix the problem but still not effectivity.  There are two nodes for dbs11 and dbs12 server , I can see the dbs11 able to get the SAN disk connection and disk group.  But the dbs12 nod...

Resolved! cluster

hi,in every node of vcs the in-memory contain the information loaded from and the information related to what service is up on what node.right?when a service is brought up on a node then this information from memory is copied to the other nod...

linuly by Level 4
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Resolved! unable to install vcs-rhel6_x86_64-Patch-

uname -aLinux fdsuv06801 2.6.32-754.24.3.el6.x86_64After reboot and hastop cluster, i'm still having similar errors below.Symantec Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA Shutdown did not complete successfullyvxspec failed to stop on fdsuv06801vxio...

Unable to remove one attributes in VCS 7.4

group Network (SystemList = { teemm01 = 0, teemm02 = 1, teemm03 = 2, teemm04 = 3 }Parallel = 1AutoStartList = { teemm01, teemm02, teemm03, teemm04 })MultiNICA MM_ONM_NIC (Device @teemm01 = { bond0 = "" }Device @teemm02 = { bond0 = "10.86...

VCS Oracle instance issue

Dear All,The current system run in the VCS 4.1 on the Solaris 9 with the Oracle 10g DB. Due to the DB mount point /DB2 disk usage in 93% , I  find the another DB mount point /db1/d02, /db1/d03 disk usage not in use.There are four mount point on DB1 a...