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Resolved! Does SFHA 6.0.2 support rhel 5.10

On sort the following OS are mentioned to support 6.0.2. But I thought that RHEL 5 U10 may also support 6.0.2. Please verify ?   Supported platform version: Product versionPlatform version6.0.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 U5, U6, U7, U8  

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Unable to connect Linux node through VCS console

Hi, Need help we have 3 node cluster (Linux), Iam trying to connect the Linux cluster node through VCS console from my desktop with port -14141 and times-12, I am not able to connect, its is saying as could not connect to server, but I am able to pin...

NBU_13 by Level 6
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Cluster without Virtual IP setup

Hi, I have looked into my work VCS environment. Some VCS cluster nodes got VIP setup so I know when one of the node failed or exit, the virtual IP will failover to another node so that the client connection will still be connected to the service. How...

Resolved! hacf -cftocmd config

Hello,   I would like to create VCS commands from file. I would like to do the following command to dump the to main.cmd in temp directory.   hacf -cftocmd /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config -dest /tmp   Would it affect any of the configuraiton...

mokkan by Level 6
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Resolved! How to Check VCS Failover and Primary node.

Hi, I am a newbie to VCS and is learning by setting up trial version in two VMs. How do i check in command that the VCS has been failed over? and after failover, which one is the Primary node?   Thanks

Resolved! Bonding VCS

Hi, I want to reconfigure my clusters so that it runs on bonding mode. The cluster was running only running on specific eth on public facing network. But now since the servers have configured bonding using two eth interfaces, any procedure to follow ...

Resolved! Two Nodes VCS on NFS shared

Hi, I am a newbie. Finally, i have got two cluster nodes running in RHEL 5.4 with VCS6.01 running. I want to add hardware resource to the service group and I have created a NFS sharing to these two nodes. How can I add this nfs share into the hardwar...

Resolved! Can we see how much cache object is utilized or filled ? and what is the sync status of snap volume

Environment SFHA/DR = 6x OS = rhel = 6x DR Firedrill is established with the help of below SORT document Queries - Can we see how much cache obje...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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vcs hardware group error

Hi, I have one three node clusters and need to bring down node 2 for maintainance. When I bring the node two back, the vcs hardware group was offline and giving error. How can I bring that back online? Thanks. Cassano 

Resolved! Location of VCS Simualator

Folks I am just trying to find the exact location of where to download the VCS Simulator, as I have a rather complex config that I would like to test it on. I am using as my test evironment VRTSvcs- and I have the java client on my...

Resolved! Moving a Resource from One Service Group to another..?

Folks, I would like to know whether or not it is possible to move a resource from one Service Group to another.. I have a test cluster and I have got as far this in my test cluster, I want to move anything starting with burty to a new service group c...

Application Agent hang causes no-brain situation

Wondering if anyone has seen this before, what the cause may be, if there is an automated recovery scenario. Situation: We run a 3-node cluster (with a 3-node GCO cluster at a remote site) running VCS 5.1-SP1 on Dell R411 servers. This past Saturday,...

Resolved! Creating an application under VCs

Hi, If I need to create a script and need to run under VCS.  Do I need to follow any format? Or can I create the resource under application and just run  it  like below? Or do I need to follow VCS framework?     Here is the sample   Applicati...

mokkan by Level 6
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LLT module not loaded in one node.

Hi All, I have two RHEL 6.4 installed and would like to test out the VCS6.01 with the 60days trial license. However, after the installation of VCS, the LLT starts as failed and as well as the HAD in the first node. Here is the startup llt log of the ...

VCS Service group configuration

  Hello Guys, Need some explanation and clarification here. I have two systems installed with windows server 2008 R2. The both server currently have two hard drives the C drive and an E drive. The E drive on the both systems are currently connected v...

Chukwuemeka by Level 6
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Resolved! What could be license strategy ?

Environment OS = Windows2008 Application = Oracle DB and Oracle developer Processors on each system = 2 Cores = Each processor quard core One WIndows Server 2008 machine with Oracle DB (Oracle version 11g) and Oracle developer installed. As we know t...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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