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Resolved! VCS ERROR V-16-1-13027

Hello Forum, Recently this error message showed up on my system log, Sep 11 08:17:37 dbsp1 Had[2008]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] VCS ERROR V-16-1-13027 (dbsp1) Resource(MNIC) - monitor procedure did not complete I am guessing that this is because t...

br1 by Level 3
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Resolved! vcs upgrade

Hi, Please I like to find out how I should upgrade vcs on 2 nodes cluster.I run that on solaris 10. The steps are like: - hastop -local -evacuate ;stop vcs on node a and evacuate group on node b who runs vcs. - init 1, single user in node a - apply...

Resolved! CFS access is blocking after both heartbeat links are down

Hi I have a server cluster environment with VCS 6.0.2, 6 servers constitute the cluster, I/O fencing is configured with 3 coordinator disks. If I cold boot one of server, I found CFS access on other running server is blocking in a period. I found CFS...

Resolved! Cluster upgrade from version 5 to 6

Hello,   we would like to upgrade veritas cluster 5 to 6 and. Some of the service groups are running parrallely. What is the best way to upgrade it? Also, can we run veritas cluster 5.1 and 6 on other node in 2 nodes cluster?

mokkan by Level 6
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V-16-2-13027 Oracle Rac

Dears ,    Engine_A is started to be flooded with  V-16-2-13027 error code , eventually some resources fail after passing multiple failed monitoring cycle , clean is called . - PrivNIC is configured with 2 interfaces , which are the same two interfac...

hytham_fekry by Level 4
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Resolved! case

hi, please be kind and give me your comment. We have here 2 node vcs cluster. -case a)the vcs is running only one node a.service group a runs on node a and service group b runs on node b. are there some constraints to start vcs on node b with...

VCS shows resource offline even though it can be started

VCS: 6.0.1 RHEL 6.4 I have several application resources, which show offline even though they are online. I can start them manually, i.e. using the commands configured in the resource. Even the StartProgram works. Resource description:   runfcgipelix...

thstettler by Level 3
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Resolved! How to remove a service group

I would like to remove the SG, will the below steps work? hagrp -offline SG –sys server1 hares –delete resources - delete parent resources first since resources are dependent on others Parent - tony, Child - ting So, run command hares -delete tony (f...

Resolved! Need to configure autorestart

Hi We are trying to configure VCS on our systems.  We have the groups set up and everything works well in "sunny" day situations, meaning we can offline, online and switch the VCS groups between the servers.  What doesn't work is while testing, we ma...

Resolved! need to know the meaning of logs

    Can sommeone please tell me what has happened?   2013 Jun 19 17:42:20 kyornas051_01 kernel: LLT INFO V-14-1-10205 link 1 (priveth1) node 1 in trouble 2013 Jun 19 17:42:20 kyornas051_01 kernel: LLT INFO V-14-1-10205 link 0 (priveth0) node 1 in tr...

symsonu by Level 6
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Veritas Cluster Server Heartbeat link down, jeapordy state..

Hello Everyone, I am having this problem with the VCS hearbeat links. The VCS are being run on a Solaris machine v440. The VCS version is 4.0 on Solaris 9, I know it's old & EOL. Im just hoping to find and pinpoint the soloution to this problem. Th...

br1an by Level 3
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Resolved! NFS share doesn't failover due to being busy

Hello! We are trying to implement a failover cluster, which hosts database and files on clustered NFS share. Files are used by the clustered application itself, and by several other hosts. The problem is, that when active node fails (I mean an ungra...

Resolved! switching of service group didnot work vcs 5.0

we tried to do failover , however it didnot worked please find below logs and please help in finding the cause   2013/07/22 20:11:17 VCS INFO V-16-1-50859 Attempting to switch group Oss from system dukosgbs to system dukosgas 2013/07/22 20:11:...

symsonu by Level 6
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