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Resolved! CPU Usage exceeds

Dear Experts We have a client on Solaris with Veritas Cluster Server 6.0.1 It is a 2 Node cluster In logs it usually prints CPU usage exceed messages, at times it have cross 90% I wanted to know how does it calculate the CPU usage, its obvious that s...

Resolved! IO FENCING: 2/3 CPS working and network problem

Hello, We have set up IO fencing by 3 CPS (3 different sites), and right now, because a hardware problem one CPS is out, so there are only 2 CPS working. Next weekend, there will be a network cut-off for 5 minutes, where all the nodes (all clusters a...

joagmv by Level 4
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Resolved! why cleaning IP resource always takes 1 second

  Hello   I use SF 6.0.1 on Suse 11, I found that cleaning IP resource always takes 1 seconds. I checked CLEAN script of IP, it seem execution is quick,so I want to know is there any additional steps take more time during cleaning IP resource.   Here...

Resolved! how can use vvr on vcs(without gco option)?

Hello I know " VCS+VVR+GCO" solution,and I made it 3 days ago.But don't know whether can VCS support VVR without GCO option? In" 2nodes+2arrays" environment,If one array uses FC DISK,and one uses SATA Disk,It will influence writing performance with V...

RickyLeung by Level 4
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Resolved! What is the meaning of B or C in hastatus?

If I run "hastatus -sum",I can see B or A or C in left side.What does they mean? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- hastatus -sum -- SYSTEM STATE -- System               State                Frozen          ...

kazu44 by Level 2
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Resolved! How to manually edit the file

Hi,   I need to make a very minor edit to the file. I am assuming this is the way to do this:   haconf -makerw edit on one of the nodes  i.e vi /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/ save changes hacf -verify /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config haconf...

Resolved! Query SFHA

Hello,   One query that If I install SFHA 5.1 . then the VVR will be of same version or it can be other. Can VVR  be of different version than VCS and Vxvm ?   Or they are all one package and So  they all can be only one version .   Pleae advice  and...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! How to clear vcs faults automitic

Hi,I am studying VCS. I have question: When resource failed due to some reason,the recouce must be  clear the fault manually,even if the resource was fixed! How can I make the faults clear automitic?   RL

RickyLeung by Level 4
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Resolved! Veritas Cluster Server Question

Hello,   We are running VCS V5.1 SP2 and in a test lab I am trying to share a rescource in one domain to a Global Group in a trusted domain. Does anyone know if this in principle would work, and how? Currently when I enter the trusted domain and grou...

GSW000 by Not applicable
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Hot to setup and config IBM WEBSHPERE MQ For LINUX VCS

Hi,I installed and setup VCS for Linux,and download IBM MQ AGENT.But can't find the Wizard tools for MQ.The admin guide of vcs for MQ is not detailed. so,who can share doc about it,step-by-setp guide is better!   Regards, Ricky

RickyLeung by Level 4
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Resolved! VRTSexplorer Logs

Dear Experts One of my client is running Veritas Cluster Server on Windows, Just to check how are things going on I collected VRTSexplorer logs What I wanted to ask is just for the sake of Health Check of the enviorment which logs should I go through...

A question of HTCAgent montior action

I have a GCO system, Primary site is 2-node cvm+ HTC Agent, DR site is one node with HTC; after bring online HTC & cvm resources, I can see the following messages in engine_A log on primary site one minute intervals... <snip> 2013/02/15 15:02:13 VCS ...

lmiao by Level 4
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Resolved! cluster behavior needed, which cfg vars to modify

Hallo,   I wish to have the following behavior from a Veritas cluster, monitoring a resource (app): resource failed, first attempt to restart it on the same node, if not, migrate it to the second node. However, is there another monitor which forces t...

pb227 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Notifier Cluster service group type

Hi, What is the best recommended way of configuring the notifier cluster service group. Whether the parallel attribute should be 1 or 0. example below:   [root@node1 ~]# hagrp -display ClusterService |grep -i parallel ClusterService Parallel        ...

Resolved! Service group Configure HELP!!!

  hello:   I have 2 nodes (node1 Production) (Node 2 Quality)   How to configure the service group of production to realize that when one switchover or failover to node 2 the Quality Service Group take offline on node 2 before lifting the service gro...

Tilin_vcs by Level 2
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Resolved! cluster directory

   -bash-3.2$ cd /opt/VRTS/bin   cd /opt/VRTSvcs/bin   /opt/VRTSnbu/scripts        why these cluster scripts are in 3 directoriesWhat is the default directory which is created under which i have all the cluster commands loke hagrp,hares etc (both in ...