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Resolved! unable to install vcs-rhel6_x86_64-Patch-

uname -aLinux fdsuv06801 2.6.32-754.24.3.el6.x86_64After reboot and hastop cluster, i'm still having similar errors below.Symantec Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA Shutdown did not complete successfullyvxspec failed to stop on fdsuv06801vxio...

Unable to remove one attributes in VCS 7.4

group Network (SystemList = { teemm01 = 0, teemm02 = 1, teemm03 = 2, teemm04 = 3 }Parallel = 1AutoStartList = { teemm01, teemm02, teemm03, teemm04 })MultiNICA MM_ONM_NIC (Device @teemm01 = { bond0 = "" }Device @teemm02 = { bond0 = "10.86...

VCS Oracle instance issue

Dear All,The current system run in the VCS 4.1 on the Solaris 9 with the Oracle 10g DB. Due to the DB mount point /DB2 disk usage in 93% , I  find the another DB mount point /db1/d02, /db1/d03 disk usage not in use.There are four mount point on DB1 a...

vxvm clone disk

Hello Guys,In a CVM 4 node cluster, there is a UDID mismatch  in two disks on the 4th node of cluster.Its have clone flag in all disks so my query isDo we can clone off the disk and then deport /import the disk groupand updateudid.Also, what clone fl...

VCS on Linux using NPAR and VLAN tagging

I’m trying to enable a new configuration using NPAR and VLAN tagging to create private heartbeat networks. Which tool should I use to create my heartbeat interfaces which need to be vlan tagged? Does anyone know if the tagged interface should share t...

jritte by Level 1
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Resolved! data

hi,the data in a volume is stored in subdisk or in plex?

linuly by Level 4
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Multiple Service groups dependencies configuration.

hi,I would like to expose my Cluster configuration problem based on Infoscale 7.4 installed on Linux  virtual environments (2 VMs), here to get some advices.- Our application is splitted into three independant sub-applications : [Billing, Rating, Dat...

Running HA commands as non-root users on Veritas clusters

Hi Experts,I'm an ex veritas and i'm looking for some assistance to run HA commands as non-root users on Veritas clusters. basically this fails when I do a failover as non-root userhauser1@nmautovcsp04:~> /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/hagrp -switch nonroot -to nm...

V020654 by Level 1
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the resource group start after boot but it was freezed

Hi guys.I have a global cluster formed by two mini-clusters (each side with one node only).RMTHB03S is the primary and MIVHB03S is the secondaryRMTHB03S:~ # hagrp -state   #Group Attribute System Value  AppService State MIVHB03SCluster:MIVHB03S |OFFL...

tgenova by Level 4
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Clustered Master Server using VCS

Hi Guys,I´m planning to have a clustered master server installed on RHEL 7.x using VCS or infoscale enterprise.Does anyone know if for this configuration I need a SAN disk? or is there a way to accomplish this at "lan level"?I´m asking you this becau...

AndresV by Level 6
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Resolved! plex

hi,when a certain disk fail then come online how i see that the disk is online on linux?why in vxvm is introduced the plex?in lvm is only phisical disk and volume.tnx

linuly by Level 4
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Resolved! replace

hi,what are the step to replace a failed disk?vxplex -g <Diskgroup name> -o rm dis <Plex name>vxdg -g <Diskgroup name> rmdisk <Disk name>vxdiskunsetup -C <Disk name>replace disk rescan to see new diskvxdctl enable  vxdisksetup -vi <Disk name>vxdg -g ...

linuly by Level 4
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Resolved! migrate

hi,i migrate an old SAN to a new SAN using vxvm on centos.i see the new disk from new SAN -/dev/sdb and i add this disk under DG where is the old disk then i make mirror between them.Then i remove the old disk from DG.Then i connect the cable from ol...

linuly by Level 4
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Resolved! DB service group state to show partial

root@devuaedbs31 # hastatus -sum-- SYSTEM STATE-- System State FrozenA devuaedbs31 RUNNING 0A devuaedbs32 RUNNING 0-- GROUP STATE-- Group System Probed AutoDisabled StateB MNICB_iUATgroup devuaedbs31 Y N ONLINEB MNICB_iUATgroup devuaedbs32 Y N ONLINE...

Different Subnet

Hi all!Good day!Does the Infoscale Enterprise ( VCS ) have the option of automatically changing the Virtual IP if the HQ and DR are on a different subnet?Take note that the DNS on both sides are running on CENTOS.Thank you and Best regards!

J_Huggins by Level 6
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CVMCluster:???:monitor:node - state: out of cluster

Hi , I encounter the problem when start up the cluster,  I check the CVM disk group cannot faulted on the both node. root@devuaedbs31 # hastatus -sum -- SYSTEM STATE-- System               State                Frozen A  devuaedbs31          RUNNING  ...

Join us for our first Hey, AVA session to Ask Veritas Anything

Led by a panel of Veritas subject matter experts, our upcoming Hey, AVA session on VOX will provide you the opportunity to Ask Veritas Anything.   The first Hey, AVA session will take place between 10 a.m. PDT on June 20 and 5 p.m. PDT on June 21, af...

Richelle by Community Manager
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