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Resolved! Create service dependences for not running in the machine.

Hi to all, I like to ask about a problem for a cluster that I am creating. We do have 4 servers, running 3 services in each one of those 4 computers (one is for spare). My question is how can i make to run one service not being assigned one service t...

ediaz by Level 3
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Resolved! Global Cluster for SQL

Hi    We have 2 nodes  cluster as local HA  for SQL server. We would like to confiugre the Global Cluster using VVR for replication. Now the database files are stored in 3 DG. Is it possible to configure the Global cluster using 3 DG. I only have con...

pgm10s by Level 5
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Veritas Cluster LLT link failure

I'm having an issue I'm unable to identify with Veritas Cluster 4.0 MP1 on solaris 9. The cluster supports an instance of Oracle 9i. The node falls out of membership then a short while later will reconnect. Below are snips from /var/adm/messages and ...

Resolved! How can we install Java Console on rhel 6.2

Environment OS = rhel6.2 Java console version = 6.0 SP1 Problem I am able to install the java console but getting error when running the hagui. How do I installed. See below for reference: rpm -ivh /home/zahid/Desktop/VCS_Cluster_Manager_Java_Console...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Snapshot will not snap back with VCS.

I have been working on a more redundant solution for SFWHA 5.1 then what we currently have and am testing this layout.   I have 2 disk arrays that I present 6 LUNs from each to Veritas. In VEA I have one diskgroup that has these 12 drives. 2 of the d...

mhab11 by Level 5
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Resolved! VCS 5.0 MP4 on RHEL 5.5 64bit

Hi to all,   we have installed vcs 5.0 MP4 on 5.5 64bit. The storage is an IBM DS3000. We have RDAC as multipaths  controller, so we have only a device path for any lun ( sdX, sdY, etc ).   We would like to use LVM so we would know if there are probl...

enzo68 by Level 4
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Resolved! Fencing without fencing?

Hello, as far as I understand, I/O fencing consists of two separate concepts, which can both be described with the two different meanings of the word "fencing":   fencing(1): membership arbitration by fighting ("fencing") for the majority of coordina...

jf7640 by Level 3
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Resolved! Oracle Peoplesoft on VCS 6.0

Is there a Peoplesoft agent for VCS 6.0? The Agent supoort site via SORT only shows it supported up to VCS 5.1. this also goes for Oracle Tuxedo.

plslakewood by Level 4
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Resolved! Need Help with VCS monitoring a process as a resource

Hey Everyone, I have a cluster file as follows: group BATCH-SG (         SystemList = { foo = 0, bar = 1 }         AutoStartList = { foo }         OnlineRetryLimit = 3         )         IP ip3-RES (                 Device = bond0    ...

Resolved! slave node tries to access shared disks

Dear all,   I have a cluster (2xt2000) solaris 10, veritas storage foundation and veritas cluster server 5.1 sp1 rp2. although node 1 is active and owning the disks when reboot node 2 in boot log I see errors that node can not access to disks and fur...

Resolved! agent is not able to control oracle database

Dear All, I am working on 5.1sp1rp2. On my platform there is a oracle 11g2. vcs is not able to control oracle.  for example when I try to offline the database (which is started up manually) in engine_a log it says;     2000/01/13 11:07:13 VCS INFO V-...

Resolved! VCS Switch is taking up to 10 min.

I have 2 server running SFWHA 5.1 SP2 on a 2008R2 platform. I created the diskgroups through VEA then created my clusters and Service Group in VCS. when the servers were furst setup the switch took about 30 seconds. Currently it takes about 10 mins. ...

mhab11 by Level 5
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Resolved! Symantec Veritas Cluster Server GCO query

Hi All, The current VCS environment conists of a 2-node cluster at primary site and one node with VCS software at the DR site. The service groups were configured to provide failover for Oracle Apps and DB tier. VCS software was also configured at the...

failed to install iskernel files for vcs simulator

I get the above message trying to install the vcs simulator. i tried changing the compatibility mode but that didn't work. i am unable to change the simulator privilege level and run as administrator. i even tried it on a system where i am administra...

jetergiambino by Not applicable
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