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Resolved! VCS Switch is taking up to 10 min.

I have 2 server running SFWHA 5.1 SP2 on a 2008R2 platform. I created the diskgroups through VEA then created my clusters and Service Group in VCS. when the servers were furst setup the switch took about 30 seconds. Currently it takes about 10 mins. ...

mhab11 by Level 5
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Resolved! Symantec Veritas Cluster Server GCO query

Hi All, The current VCS environment conists of a 2-node cluster at primary site and one node with VCS software at the DR site. The service groups were configured to provide failover for Oracle Apps and DB tier. VCS software was also configured at the...

failed to install iskernel files for vcs simulator

I get the above message trying to install the vcs simulator. i tried changing the compatibility mode but that didn't work. i am unable to change the simulator privilege level and run as administrator. i even tried it on a system where i am administra...

jetergiambino by Not applicable
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Firedrill in Global Cluster

Hello         I have some question about the firedrill in Global cluster solution. Do we need 2 node cluster the secondary site?   I try to configure the firdrill using the wizard at the seconday cluster using the single-node cluster. But it failed w...

pgm10s by Level 5
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Cluster Server Manager doesn't show the cluster

I have a two node veritas cluster  and I have the cluster server manager ( java console ) installed on both nodes  but suddenly it went not working on one of the nodes I mean when I issue the command  /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/hagui the cluster server manager...

Resolved! How to know mandatory VCS resource attributes from CLI

Thanks for the reply mike.That cleared things abt hagrp -flush. when we are setting attributes to resource  there would be few madatory attributes to be set  to bring the resource online. In GUI this can been known easily as we see the mandatory attr...

shiv124 by Level 4
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CPS server

Can some body throw some light on CPS server.What are the requirements to build CPS.   I am new to VCS.   I am planning to configure CPS fencing for my cluster   Thanks and regards,   Siva

shiv124 by Level 4
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Best of Vision on Demand

Didn't make it to Symantec Vision this year? Couldn't make it to all the sessions you wanted to? Need to review something you learned during a session? No problem. This year we are bringing some of the insight and innovation highlights to you. Check ...

Kimberley by Level 6
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Resolved! Cluster Manager Java Console Usage

I have too many clusters, names of which differ by only one or two characters at a time and searching for the cluster I want to log in, takes up a lot of time, especially in a catastrophic situation, it is unbearable. I asked around and got the answe...

TheNomad by Level 3
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3 Nodes Veritas Cluster Preventive Maintenance

Hi, Good day to you guys, may i have inquiry regarding Veritas Clustering. Sorry im novice for this clustering system. Here are the details, I need to upgrade my powerpath version installed to my 3 HP-UX servers with Veritas Clustering configuration ...

Resolved! CVMVolDg resource fails most of the time after a timeout.

I've 2 * 2 node clusters (RHEL 6.2), one production, the other qa, which only share the same 2 separate VLAN's for their interconnect. SFCFSHA 6.0RP1 is installed. LLT and GAB have a correct status. Data disks and fencing disks are not shared between...

Karel_Bollen by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS behavior

We have one two node SFRAC cluster i.e parallel one. I need to understand the behaviour of VCS for the below situation.   We have freezed one node by hasys -freeze node1 and then we pull both the heartbeat cables from the node. how will cluster behav...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! setting up a vm-vm 2-node cluster in Oracle VM environment

I'm trying to set up a vm-vm 2-node cluster in Oracle VM environment using Oracle Sparc T3-2 server. The two VMs (LDoms) are on the same physical server. Both nodes have SFHA installed, and ready for cluster configuration. But before I can do the clu...

Resolved! Geo clusters cannot communicate with each other? (LOST_CONN)

Hello, This is my first time using this forum, so wish me (and You) luck! We are having a problem with VCS.  Essentially,  we have two 1-node clusters that are cooperating as a Global/Geo cluster pair.  For some reason, either cluster  says it has "L...

prupp62 by Level 3
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Mountpoint is not unmounting

Guys, I'm just new with VCS and i am wondering what could be the problem. We are testing a failover procedure of a cluster server1 and server2. It seem like a configuration problem but i not sure what to change at all to make this work. The scenario ...

redtred by Level 2
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