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Resolved! Host mode option in xp24000 for Veritas cluster server

Hi All,  I just want to confirm which option should be better option for the Host mode option for my VCS.  I read one documentation that i should choose option (9) for solaris. But, there is another option (22) for veritas cluster server. Currently w...

raunaz by Level 4
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Error 67

Environment SFHA = 5.1SP2 64bit OS = Win2008R2 Enterprise SFHA installed successfully but while running the Cluster Configuration Wizard I am facing the below error. Although both computers are pinging successfully. See the logs below :     00003492...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Service Group is Partialy up

Hello, Iam new to SF. I have configured a service group in SF HA 6.0 and the sg was coming up partially. In the logs its showing..   2012/03/26 12:36:09 VCS ERROR V-16-10001-1036 (clsun01) DiskGroup:vcs_dg1:monitor:No SCSI3 reservations found on disk...

kiran-09 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Some questions Regarding Heartbeat

Kindly correct if I am wrong   1.) What happen when both Heartbeat link fails ? Split Brain situation.   2.) What we do to getrid Split Brain situation ? Add a Low Priority Heartbeat but the Service Group will be AutoDisable and Clustered Application...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! VCS 5.1 SP1, Netbackup & Linux RHEL 5.6

Hi All,   I am new to this forum. Need your help with one of the issues i m facingat a customer site. I am having a setup of 3 clustered nodes. 2 cluster at one location & 1 cluster at a remote location. The failover between the 2 nodes is a normal f...

Resolved! Error:Probe is not completed on VCS nodes

Hi All, I am new to VCS. I have formed two node cluster on VMware server and trying to configure simple fail-over group of apache and Solaris zones (different) Both Apache and Solaris Zones are on separate shared storage (vxvm disk group) as follows ...

Anish by Level 4
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Resolved! HP-UX iSCSI and VCS????

Has anyone tried using the HP-UX iSCSI initiator with VCS 6.0? Any guidance? Does not appear to be officially supported.....

Wilbs by Not applicable
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Resolved! Preferred HA / DR solution - VCS or MCS

Just looking for Symantec's preferred solution they would recommend for HA and DR solutions -  Veritas Cluster Server or Microsoft Cluster Service.  Both seem to be offered as possible solutions and the whitepapers say both work but don't clearly sta...

Resolved! VCS does not notice SAN LUN disappearance

We have a cluster running on two Oracle M3000 with Solaris 10 Update 9 and VCS 5.1 SP1RP2.  Some more information on the cluster setup: - Seven containers running as cluster resources - On each of these one Oracle 11.2 DB is running - The nodes have ...

thstettler by Level 3
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Resolved! RemoteGroup Resource - MonitorOnly

I created a RemoteGroup resource last night, in VCS 5.1 SP1 RP1 on Solaris 10, to do some testing and validation.  I needed a resource which monitors a remote service group (Oracle database service group).  It doesn't need to cause the remote service...

jstucki by Level 4
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Resolved! Veritas / Symantec Cluster Server Maintenance Agreement

Hi everyone! I have a question related to the maintenance agreement renewals for Veritas / Symantec Cluster Server. Originally our cluster server ran on a IBM P5 w/ AIX and we had Tier C renewal. Now we have moved to IBM P7 w/ AIX and the vendor has ...