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Resolved! Max length of crossover cable

We are about to deploy a new cluster on customer site, I have asked that the two servers are placed near to each other.  Customer has asked what is the maximum length permitted for the crossover cable for interconnects.   Any ideas?

An_oid by Not applicable
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Heartbeat timeout value

Hi, Recently one of the cluster node got rebooted due to all heartbeat network down (Due to some changes on switch. It took about app 60 Secs) We informed about the reboot to Network Team and in turn they suggested to change the heartbeat timeout val...

Resolved! SFWHA 6.0 - cluster some x-app

I have been able in the past to cluster xeyes and xclock as part of a demo. I would like to do the same on a Windows cluster but don't know how to make it run on the console. I can see xeyes running in Task Manager but nothing appears on the console....

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Error During VCS configuration

Hi All,   I have setup VCS Lab on my own laptop Environment is as follows:   Veritas Workstation 8.0 2 x VMS with 1.5 GB RAM each, Solaris 10 U9 64-bit OS. With All pre-requisites like 3 NICS. 1 for Public interface 2 for Private interface i.e. for I...

Anish by Level 4
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Resolved! VCS Warning errors in IPMultiNICB

Hi, I am using VCS5.1 SP1 on two Solaris 10 servers with a Solaris 9 container as a service.  I have three networks on the physical hosts using link based ip and then through VCS setting the cluster to ip the three networks onto the Solaris 9 contain...

Resolved! Why has Trialware site been down for over 4 days

The trailware site has been down since at least the early hours of 3rd Feb.  Is someone from Symantec able to explain why it has been down for so long and when it is due to be back.  It is not a good advert for a High Availablity product, when the do...

mikebounds by Level 6
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Resolved! Oracle RAC 9iR2 in Solaris 9 branded zone

Hello, Reading through the VCS sfha 5.1sp1 Virtualization guide chapter 3 states that Oracle 9iR2 is supported in Solaris 9 branded zones. Does anybody know if this includes Oracle 9iR2 RAC running across two Solaris 9 branded zones on cvm/cfs. If th...

cdek by Level 2
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Resolved! VCS for OEL 6.2

Need answers to 2 things 1} is there a compatible SFHA binary available for OEL 6.2 or i can user binary thats user for RHEL 6 2] I am no able to download the trialware SFHA fro site  it says site is not av...

sam321 by Level 4
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Vcs Webclient Management setup

Hi Techkies, I'm testing the VCS using my laptop Now i like to test with GUI and web based management software rather then CLI. can any one please help me to achieve this? Not to shy I'm newbie to vcs. google routing me to install some web enabler so...

Mr_Deen by Level 2
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Difference Between Service Group Disable & Offline

Hi,   I would like to the difference between Service Group Disable & Offline. In the same ref. I have below queries. 1. What is the difference between them. 2. During performing both i.e. what need to be first i.e. first Disable & Offline. 3. After p...

Rajan_Iyer by Level 4
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Resolved! Need help to configure Event Trigger - VCS

Hi All,   We have a requirment to configure Event Trigger (sysoffline, sysjoin). Cutomer provided a shell script which controls their applcaiton. We need to call this script via sysoffline and sysjoin.   We have added the below line on sysoffline and...

Resolved! Service Group Before After Reboot

Hi,   I have 2 node VCS Cluster. In the same ref. we have scheduled maintenance of hardware. In the same ref we woluld like to do below actions in VCS.   ---total 6 Service Groups are running------------------------ We do not want failover while shut...

Rajan_Iyer by Level 4
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HPUX Cluster 5.1

I have a three node cluster running HPUX 11.31 with CFS and Custom package agent...Today I rebooted one of the nodes after I manually switched service groups to 2nd node, this caused all other nodes in the cluster to reboot aswell?  What could cause ...

kingtux by Level 3
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Resolved! Trialware download problem

I've been trying to download a trialware version of Cluster Server to evaluate it for possible deployment, but am getting prompted for a reference code.  I have tried other trialware downloads and am getting the same issue for all products.  Am I mis...

8gate by Level 2
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