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Resolved! Proper way to shutdown entire VCS service for IT DOWN TIME

As titled. In our environment, there are only 3 exchange servers (2 production servers, 1 standby server). Should I shutdown the standby server first, then the 2 production servers without the needs of touching the VCS console? And also the proper wa...

JSzeto by Level 4
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Resolved! Questions about Oracle SFHA installation

I have a two node cluster of Sun T31B blade servers that will be eventually used to run my production Oracle databases.  I have completed the installation steps in the Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide 5.1 Solaris and have a disk group "orald...

Running StartProgram and StopProgram manually

I am writing a script that will allow members of an application development team to restart/stop/start their applications which run under VCS without triggering a failover or fault within the cluster. I'm doing this by simply freezing the service gro...

Resolved! Could not start VxFEN

I'm following the steps in the Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide 5.1 Solaris and am up to Chapter 7, the section Setting up disk-based I/O fencing using installvcs program.  All previous steps have completed successfully (although some requir...

Resolved! Is Geo-Cluster a VCS option still? (For Unix platfoms)

Hello, I have been asked to setup a VCS "Geo" cluster between our Denver and Chicago locations.   Somebody here is mentioning VCS "Geo" cluster, but I don't find anything about it here at the web-site.  Does anybody know if it's a separate product fr...

prupp62 by Level 3
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SQLagent does not start?

Hi all, I have a strange thing going and can't figure out where to look. I have is a SQL-agent that only starts manually but not when under control of VCS. When VCS starts the service it changes the state to "Starting". After a couple of seconds it ...

eu22106 by Level 4
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Resolved! MultiNICA failed issue from hagrp

  Software:  Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.0MP3 Hardware:  Sun Blade X6270 System:    Solaris 10   Description:   hastatus normalcy :   NODE1:/# hastatus -sum   -- SYSTEM STATE -- System               State                Frozen   ...

Resolved! VCS needs a quorum disk?

Hi Everyone,   Does VSC needs quorum disk just like when configuring MS Clustering? If yes what is the best practice of VCS for the disk is it shared or local?   Thanks, Casper

Resolved! Veritas Cluster installation sequencing

I would like to setup a VCS with MS SQL 2005, after reading the following documents: - Veritas Cluster Server Database Agent for MS SQL Configuration Guide - Veritas Cluster Server Installation and Upgrade Guide - Veritas Cluster Server Implement...

Resolved! What is the message ?

Hello everyone. My customer have SFCFS 5.0MP2 in HP-UX 11.31. I found a messages : LLT INFO V-14-1-10063 llt_send_port: no memory to xmit What is the messages?

taesun by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS Periodic Maintenance

It is in the view that we come across many day to day issues in VCS environment, of which most of them (if not all) would not have occurred if these servers where once rebooted periodically (may be once is fortnight). And rest of the genuine problem...

zvijz by Not applicable
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Resolved! I/O fencing disk for SFRAC for Extended RAC

Hi All, We would like to have an extended RAC setting with SFRAC. The environment as the following, there is 2 hosts, each connected with 2 shared storages. We have an question about how the VCS I/O Fencing disk to be assigned? 3 LUNs from each st...

Xentar by Level 4
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