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Resolved! VCS Periodic Maintenance

It is in the view that we come across many day to day issues in VCS environment, of which most of them (if not all) would not have occurred if these servers where once rebooted periodically (may be once is fortnight). And rest of the genuine problem...

zvijz by Not applicable
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Resolved! I/O fencing disk for SFRAC for Extended RAC

Hi All, We would like to have an extended RAC setting with SFRAC. The environment as the following, there is 2 hosts, each connected with 2 shared storages. We have an question about how the VCS I/O Fencing disk to be assigned? 3 LUNs from each st...

Xentar by Level 4
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Resolved! Rename disk group in VCS?

Hello, I am in the process of converting a "DIY" HA solution to VCS. Due to limitations in the way the database is setup, I have to import the diskgroup and change its name, and when I deport the disk group, change it back. This was previously done w...

Resolved! MountV and VMDg agents dying

3-node cluster SFW/HA 5.1 SP2 on Windows 2008 SP1 (x64) Since first installation of version 5.1 end of 2008, our customer has been plagued with these two cluster agents terminating periodically. I found TN  the...

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Client can not read/write after SG fail-over

Hi All, I am getting a problem in my VCS 5.0 MP3 configuration for an NFS configuration. It is as below: The cluster is a two node setup on AIX 5.3 TL09, contents of "" file is as below: include "" cluster HDS_CLUS (         UserNames...

mrrout by Level 4
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Resolved! V-16-2-13140

Environment: 3-node cluster SFW/HA 5.1 SP2 on Windows 2008 SP1 (x64) Directly after upgrading to 5.1 SP2, the MountV_A log started logging the following Warnings: 2011/07/08 00:20:52 VCS WARNING V-16-2-13140 Thread(16324) Could not find timer entry w...

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Difference between Std Lic Express and Initial Essential

Hi,   Can someone please explain to me the difference between below two. Have tried to find an explanation but failed.   VRTS CLUSTER SERVER 5.1 S64LNX PER CPU TIER 2 STD LIC EXPRESS BAND S   VRTS CLUSTER SERVER 5.1S64LNX PER CPU TIER 2 INITIAL ESSEN...

DiBi by Not applicable
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Resolved! Failover issues after SAN disc loss.

Storage failed on one node of the HP4500 (Lefthand) SAN. A Solaris 10 clustered system running VCS 5.0 and using ZFS lost view of the storage, although the resource was not marked bad in the VCS GUI. The Solaris system was not failed over by VCS. Dat...

Inter cluster communication

I am trying to automate scripts that we run across multiple clusters during a Disaster Recovery scenario.  We have an HTC (Hitachi True Copy) resource on the database cluster that makes the local storage a P-VOL before importing the database disk gro...

Resolved! Unable to start CVM

  When i tried to confgire cvm, i am getting error like its reunning, but status is showing as cvm is not running. Please help on this.   root@node1#  cfscluster status   NODE         CLUSTER MANAGER STATE            CVM STATE node1          runn...

Resolved! question about resource linking

Hello all: My environmnt: VCS 5.0mp3rp5 on two SUN M5000s running Solaris 10:   My question: I have a service group set up with a disk group, network, mount points, oracle and listener resouces. WHen I first setup the serivce group, I setup the netwo...

GeorgeC by Level 4
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Resolved! How to see installed SFHA license

Environment OS = Sun 9 SPARC SFHA = 5.1 SP1 with RP2 Nodes = 2 Node cluster   I have installed SFHA on Solaris9 successfully. I want to know/see what are the license key installed on both nodes ? ( Just want to confirm that I installed a proper licen...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Unable to add user parameter while configuring Apache Agent

Im Using VCS 4.0 on linux. Cluster Manager : 4.4 Cluster Server : 4.1 When im trying to Do "Import Types" and import , I dont see user parameter here!. Moreover , If i try to manually add a User parameter that doesnt work either. P...

raga by Level 3
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Resolved! Configuring a standalone CP Server

Hi I'm trialling an installation of SF Cluster File System across 2 nodes.  All is working fine with no fencing configured, which I'm now trying to sort.  The nodes are VMware guests, and so I have to use CP Server based fencing since SCSI-3 PR isn't...

Resolved! Had processes died but database is running fine.

Hi experts, We have a situation which had was unable to start back by hashadow. But the oracle database still running fine. I have corrected the problem by killing the proceses that caused the load full. Just want to confirm, if i manually start a...

raunaz by Level 4
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Resolved! EMC MirrorView Agent configuration steps/problem

Hi,   Need help to configure EMC MirrorView agent, the environment is Windows Server 2008R2 (Ent.), SFW HA/DR 5.1 SP2 A 2-node cluster on Primary and 2-node cluster on DR, MirroView agent is configured with Service Group but cannot come online. The e...

USMAN_ALI by Level 3
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Resolved! SP3 Upgrade on VCS Exchange 2007 cluster failure

I have a two node VCS 5.1SP1 cluster running on Windows 2k3 SP2. I am trying to apply SP3 to Exchange 2007 running on this cluster. When I run the Upgrade Wizard and start setup from the command line as described in the documentation, setup fails nea...

dholli by Level 2
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