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Resolved! VCS test lan data failure

Hi to all,   we are doing some test with a two nodes VCS ( 5.0 ) cluster in Linux redhat 5.5.   We have configured two heartbeat nic and one lan data. [root@dbcccrm1 etc]# more llttab set-node dbcccmi1 set-cluster 1 link eth2 eth-98:4b:e1:6b:a9:aa...

enzo68 by Level 4
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BMR for VCS agent for Exchange 2010

Hi, I'm looking for BMR solution for the following environment, 1) Windows 2008R2 X 2 Servers 2) Exchange 2010 Sp1 X 2 Servers 3) VCS 5.1 Sp2 for Exchange 2010 Sp1 (Active/Active configuration) 4) NetApp Storage I've checked the compatiblity list...

Resolved! What's the messages ?

  Hello everyone. My customer have SFHA5.0MP3RP5 for solaris 8. I saw the VCS engine log. Here's the messages :   Jul 22 15:41:12 ifap1p AgentFramework[4135]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] VCS ERROR V-16-1-5586 Mount:mnt_oracle:monitor:Mount point /oracl...

taesun by Level 3
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install vcs under SLES11 with xen-kernel in dom0

Hello,   is there any way to install Veritas Cluster Server (vcs) under SuSE Enterprise Linux with xen-kernel. I want to use vcs in dom0 to share xen guests between cluster nodes. The filesystem of the guests is located on scsi3pr enabled shared SAN ...

Resolved! VCS for VMware ESX will support vsphere4/5 ??

Hello eveybody, Given the documentation I have found at  Symantec  website, VCS for VMware ESX is designed to run on platforms Vmware 3 (VMware Infrastructure). Can you please tell me if this product will be manufactured for Vware vpshere 4 and 5....


Hello everybody, I am testing Symantec VCS . I installed a cluster with one node (vsym1), it s functionnal.When i want to add a seconde node (vcsym2) to the cluster with the installer ,i have the following messages which indicates missing packages on...

Resolved! Using hacli for non root users - VCS 5.0

Hi, We've upgraded VCS from 4.0 to 5.0 and discovered that we're not able anymore use hacli for non root user (execute command on another nodes in cluster) HacliUserLevel parameter in 5.0 can be set to COMMANDROOT/NONE only, which restricts using hac...

VCS 5.1 Remote cluster configuration

Hello all,   I am trying to link two VCS clusters together using the Remote Cluster Configuration Wizard and I keep getting the following error message VCS error V-16-10-39.  Following error were encountered while connecting to the cluster: Connectio...

Ashon1 by Level 4
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Resolved! Shutdown Windows server with VCS

Hi Do I need to stop the VCS before I shutdown Windows servers ? I need to shutdown both primary & secondary Windows servers. What happen if I didn't stop the VCS before shutdown Windows ?   Ed

Can I deploy Access Server in a cluster?

I have been using the pcAnywhere access server product for a few years now in an environment with over 600 hosts, but my environmental parameters will be changing. Does anyone know if the Access server product can be deployed in a cluster? Also, if I...

jeffsw by Not applicable
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Netapp Filer resource stuck in an odd state

Hi,   I'm trying to setup a SQL cluster running VCS.  It has two servers and a netapp for storage.  The cluster seems to be happy but I can not get the SQL service group to come online.  When I run hares -state NETAPP -sys CLUSTER it says online|stat...

Ashon1 by Level 4
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Resolved! How to migrate running cluster from existing two node.

HI , We have a two node Windows cluster  running on windows 2003 standard edition.Heartbeat connected by a cross over cable.we are planning to do a refresh to existing hardware .Please suggest what is the best way to migrate the running cluster fr...

danand by Level 3
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Resolved! Linux Volume Manager in combination with VCS

Hello, A lot of Linux Distibutions has installed the LVM2 (Linux Volume Manager Vers. 2). Does anybody know, if you can import and deport LUNs with this Volume manager and replace the LVM (Logical Volume Manager) from Veritas? Does the VCS support th...

markus_obsil by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS 5.1 (SP2) and ESX 4.1 (Update 1) Compatibility

Howdy, Unless I am mistaken, the latest revision of the SCL for VCS 5.1 (SP2) does not explicitly state that ESX 4.1 (Update 1) is compatible. It only lists 4.1 While I'm near certain that it is compatible, I'd like to know if anyone has info on this...

wandarah by Level 5
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Resolved! Clustered NFS on SFRAC - Vx 5.1

Hello...   Is there any documentation on Clustered NFS on Oracle RAC? I have been looking around and so far only found the section(6) in the SFCFS Admin guide 5.1, however I am wondering if that's the only documentation spefically for configuring it....

Aacor by Level 3
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