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Resolved! Unable to bring Enterprise Vault services online

Hi, I have created N+1 VCS cluster for Enterprise Vault 9.0 There is VCS 5.1SP2 installed and configured on both systems. Service group is created and generic services are linked to the respective resources. Apart from generic EV services, all other ...

Resolved! Database recycled but not giving alert

Hi Experts,  Our DB admin recycled the oracle database on Oracle level. DBA team did disable the oracle monitoring script on oracle level. So, on VCS the oracle monitoring resource was found offline. But, supprisingly the VCS didn't  captured any err...

raunaz by Level 4
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Resolved! disks not visible after reboot

All, We just finish to configure our cluster: SFHA5.1SP1RP1RHEL5IO Fencing (vxfentsthw validated) and we see this issue : a service group with a DiskGroup agent is online on system B and offline on system A. (System A has already owned the service gr...

MountV-GetVolumeGuid Failed Error 99

VCS Experts, One of the Veritas cluster (windows) experincing below issue. Please let me know your valuable comments and advise... After hard reboot of nodeA, service group didn't failover to NodeB due to below error. 06:52:54 VCS ERROR V-16-2-13066 ...

Resolved! VCS - Enterprise Vault Cluster Setup issue

Hi,   Below is the brief description about the setup   2 Nodes (Windows 2003 Ent. Edition - 32 Bit OS with SP2). 4 volumes are created on 4 shared disks (Dynamic) between both nodes. (MSMQ, RegRep, Vaultstore & Index) VRTS CLUSTER SERVER 5.1 WIN is a...

Resolved! How does the oracle agent work under VCS 5.1SP1RP1

I'm currently running Oracle in Solaris zones in a clustered environment, however it seems that the agent may not be zone aware. All I'm trying to do  implement is simple process monitoring for Oracle however it seems that the agent can't find dbhome...

Resolved! Where is 'MonitorTimeout ' in windows?

Hi,   On one of the thread it has been mentioned that 'MonitorTimeout' value need to be increased in order to solve a specific issue (online of a service delay, more than 60 sec). I am wondering if any of you aware where is the 'monitorTimeout' value...

Resolved! Configuring VCS SRDF Agent to use multiple symapi servers

As per thread title,  I am trying to configure the VCS SRDF agent to use multiple remote symapi servers. I have found a symantec whitepaper which describes exactly my configuration and a workaround to address the problem here:

RobBates by Not applicable
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Resolved! How to upgrade sql 2008 to sql 2008 r2 on cluster server 5.1 ?

Hi all, Have e sql server 2008 up an running in a active/passive 5.1 cluster server setup. How to upgrade sql 2008 to sql 2008 r2. Former upgrade path was:     upgrade node 1,     switch to node 2,      upgrade node 2 But upgrading sql 2008 to ...

Resolved! VCS: Group Dependency is violated

Hello, I've some troubles with an VCS Konfiguration: group SG_EC1 ( SystemList = { vcs-n1 = 0 } AutoFailOver = 0 AutoStartList = { vcs-n1 } ) Phantom EC1_Phantom ( ) requires group SG...

mr3 by Level 2
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Resolved! LanMan Resource fails unexpectedly (Error V-16-2-13067)

Hi all,  I am currently installing a 3 node Netbackup 7.1 cluster, on a VSF HA 5.1 SP2 on Windows 2008 R2 (SP1). The installation went fine and failover of the Netbackup resource back and forth shows no problems whatsoever. This weekend however, for ...

Resolved! How is licensed the one node cluster for CPS

all, I can't find any information, in case of 3 CPS, do we need : a couple of licenses for the cluster with the applications to secure1 license for each CPS (one node cluster)   regards, Herve

Solaris & Veritas(VCS, VxVM, Veritas Netbackup)

    Hi friends,  i have newly joined in this forum, i m SUN certified Solaris Admin having 2 yr exp..recently i faced some questions By a branded MNC.These are some common question based on real time scenario. plz i request you  can you provide me a...

rao by Not applicable
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Resolved! SFHA 5.1 RedHat, installation file from download buggy?

Hi, I just downloaded SFHA 5.1 for Linux from and the only product available in this TAR file seems to be SFRAC. I know that technically SFHA is a subset of SFRAC. But I just want to install and configure ...

jf7640 by Level 3
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Resolved! Storage Foundation and VCS 6.0 Beta Program and Customer

Documents/Material/Release Notes required for : Storage Foundation and VCS 6.0 Beta Program and Customer    I have only found the below link which is useless:

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! hastop -local -noautodisable vs hastop -local

What exactly is the difference between "hastop -local" and "hastop -local -noautodisable" ? By that I mean, the scenario is:  stop VCS and the service groups running locally on the server,reboot the server,after the reboot, make sure the service grou...

richardbw by Not applicable
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Resolved! VCS DNS Resource

Hi Everyone,   First let me brief you about our scanrio. we have two Site (Primary & DR). we have two node VCS cluster on primary site and single vcs node on DR site. Both sites are using differenet subnet e.g for location-1(Primary) we have 172.16.1...

adnan_baig by Not applicable
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Resolved! Creating a new node by using the other running cluster node

Hi Experts, I'm planning to add new node on existing VCS. So, my question is it OK  to use flar image from the other running cluster. So what is the steps that i should concern about. BTW, the plan is to build a oracle cluster and it is running on So...

raunaz by Level 4
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