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High Load while running VCS 5.0MP3

I have a SLES 10 server that runs very hot with VCS running.  What's weird is that if I bring up VCS, with no service groups online, the load is fine, but when I bring up all the service groups and bring them all back down, the load remains.  It will...

theplum by Level 2
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Resolved! Splitting a cluster into two

Hi all, I look after a four-node cluster (using SFWHA). We now need to move some servers into a separate network segment, so I need to split the cluster into 2 two-node clusters. Has anyone done a checklist of things that I need to do, and things I n...

Resolved! vertias Sf licenses

Dear All.   We are looking for a global cluster for our EV with two nodes at primary and one node in GCO toDr and VVr to replicate all the vault partion indexes ,etc except for SQL databases. We currently have the following licenses. What additional ...

Nessus scan causing VCS failover - known problem?

    I'm running a series of recently-mandated Nessus scans on some of our database VLANs. VCS clusters are going into failover with message traffic below. Obtaining version/install info from sysadmins now. Anyone seen this sort of thing before? sampl...

pophop by Not applicable
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Resolved! VCS Alarms autoclear

Hi,   I have implemented the VCS snmp agent in the VCS configuration (CluesterService) through the notifier wizard. The alarm are generated successfully but my question is more like "Do the Veritas alarms get autoclear" after we fix for example a fau...

Resolved! Application faulting and not restarting under cluster

Hi,   We have a 1 node cluster ( gasp! I know) it was a 2 node, but they decomissioned 1 server so I took the steps to remove the other node. One of the applications that runs, will regularly fault, and it wont come back online, I have been looking a...

Resolved! Java Console for Cluster software

I need some help I use the Java Console on my laptop(windows XP) to connect to my Solaris severs.  For some reason this week the connection dosen't work.  Can anyone suggest what I should look at on both ends.

jw5279 by Not applicable
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Resolved! VCS notification was not working

HI All,  I have added one email id into the SmtpRecipients using VCS GUI.  After i save the configuration and exit. i found that the email address i have added are not receiving. The old one is working fine. I even add the the email using the command...

raunaz by Level 4
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Resolved! steps to configure vcs on solaris from scratch

Hi  Guys I have 2 V240 solaris boxes and a sun storage 3510 I want to confugure 2 node cluster on them Can anybody have a cheetsheet or command reference to do so from scratch i have the vcs guide but i need just the steps in short to configure vcs o...

sam321 by Level 4
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Resolved! GCO for Netbackup 7.0 and SRDF

Hi All, I am looking for GCO cluster with SRDF/A replication(Global Cluster option of Storage Foundation HA). I am looking for the key benefits apart from normal failover features if we use global clustering of two Master servers with GCO. With GCO, ...

krish06 by Level 3
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Resolved! How much price for Veritus Clustering software

Dear support, I need to know the price for Veritus Clustering.  Because now we plaining to use cluster system with windows2003. I  need to check sure that it work ok with windows2003. May I have comment. Thank you, Phanasit

workdeeok by Not applicable
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Resolved! Is Traffic Director still part of Cluster Server?

Hi - we are interested in the Traffic Director feature of the Cluster Server, but I cannot find much information about it on the Symantic site.  Is this still bundled with the Cluster Server?  If someone can direct me to the tech docs (for Traffic Di...


what is the difference b/w SYSTEM FREEZ AND SERVICE GROUP FREEZ

VCS 5.1 and Informix 7.31

We have upgraded to VCS 5.1 recently and use the 5.1 Informix agent to monitor our DB. Since the upgrade the DB query times have slowly crept up so we know experience performance problems. We have tested stopping the agent and the query times increas...

Resolved! Can we configure VCS 5.1 HA so that disk groups , file systems related one application in a Solaris 10 Non global zone can be failed over to non global one in 2nd node with out effecting the other application running in same non global zone?

Can any one provide any help with this question?   Can we configure VCS 5.1 HA so that  disk groups , file systems related one application in a Solaris 10 Non global zone can be failed over to non global zone in 2nd node with out effecting the other ...

Ravent by Not applicable
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Resolved! VCS GCO cluster Of EV

We want to create EV cluster using VCS GCO with one node at each site.   Can we use SAN based replication to replicate the Vault store  and Indexes  data at the DR site in place of VVR or do we require VVR for this purpose. as directory and other dat...

How VCS-5 protects the cluster online configuration.

Dear All, I'm new to VCS and going throuhg VCS4 student guide to learn VCS. I have created two node cluster in Vmware using VCS- In VCS 4, if we open the cluster configuration, VCS will create a file called ".stale" in /etc/VRTSvcs/conf...

Veeraa by Not applicable
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