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Resolved! Clarification needed about windows clustering

Hi All,             Currently my team is working on windows clustering part, but i am not getting a user guide about it on how to configure the same. If anybody has a link reference or user guide document for windows clustering , please share the sam...

Resolved! Administer from commandline (VCS EXAM)

  As per EXAM perspective I am trying to appear in VCS for windows EXAM in future. Why should I also read the command line topics as well from the guide if i am going to appear in GUI cert ? I have attached two snap of guide for reference.         A...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! problem with apache resource config in zone service group

Hello everyone - I have a problem with configuration of Apache resource in service group that consists of a zone resource, two zpools (one for the zone root and one for Apache).  The Zone fails over between nodes and starts up no problem.  And the ap...

Suki by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS SQL Anonymous Logon?

Hi, I have a two node SQL cluster running under VCS (Storage Foundation HA 5.1 SP1 for Windows).  The cluster comprises of two service groups each hosting a named SQL 2005 instance. I am seeing anonymous login failures in the SQL logs for each instan...

phil_e by Level 2
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Resolved! SFHA on linux Oracle DB corrupted

Hi All I installed SFHA 5.1 on Linux Redhat 5.3 on Two node cluster by follow the steps in Veritas Document and the VCS installed sucessfully, service group switch to other node is done sucessfully.   the problem when servcie group switch to or make ...

IbrahimA by Level 5
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Resolved! VCS Agent for Sybase can't bring online Sybase ASE

When I try to bring online Sybase ASE within 2 minutes after ASE brings up I get the error VCS ERROR V-16-2-13066 Thread(3) Agent is calling clean for resource(Syb_Sybase) because the resource is not up even after online completed. And agent kills th...

Resolved! VCS 5.0 with ASM - Help needed

Hi, I am setting up a 5 node cluster, 4 servers and 1 spare Redhat 5u4. We are using ASM and are having problems when failing to the spare server. All 4 nodes have 1 service group with the following:- ASMdg ASMinst Diskgroup IP NIC Oracle Volume When...

Resolved! IIS 6.0 issue -- FTP and SMTP probe fails

Need help, have a 5.1 SP2 cluster running on Windows 2003, the W3SVC is configured and running but when I try to add the SMTPSVC and MSFTPSVC resources the status is unknown and the probe never completes.  Can ftp from a command line to each active m...

BMedsSr by Level 2
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Resolved! vcs errors on the server

we are getting following errors in our server.   Dec  6 05:27:22 P516DTHBL1 vcsmm: [ID 843321 kern.notice] VCS RAC ERROR V-10-1-15012 vcsmm_ioctl: unknown cmd 0x403 Dec  6 05:27:38 P516DTHBL1 iscsi: [ID 454097 kern.notice] NOTICE: unrecognized ioctl...

sam321 by Level 4
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Resolved! VCS cluster with Oracle ERP for solaris

I am installing veritas cluster with Oracle ERP in solaris. I need to know the link to download the agent package for - Oracle e-Business Components - Oracle e-Business Concurrent Manager Also the link for the Compatibility matrix   Thanks,

Amin123 by Level 4
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Resolved! vcsdecrypt

i am setting up password for sybase, but the vcsdecrypt does  not work. I tried manually on command line it returns blank for any string provided. Anyone know how i can get the vcsdecrypt working? vcsencrypt works ok.

user001 by Level 2
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Resolved! Container Name option doesn't show on VCS 5.1 onwards

Hi Guys,   I was planning to migrate the cluster from 5.0MP3RP2  to the latest 5.1SP1  , I was comapring the configuration details , specially I was loooking for the Solaris Zone configurations through VCS (mainly the is different from both ...

UnixFan by Level 3
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Cluster Monitor (Java Console) not working in Windows 7

We have clusters running in our SOlaris environment and manage them with the Cluster Monitor/Manager (Java Console).    We have recently been upgraded to Windows 7 and our Java Console stopped wotking.  Even with the WinXP compatibility mode applied ...

tgiro by Not applicable
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Resolved! Does MULTINICB support VLAN interfaces ?

hi all, I am using VCS 5.1 on Solaris 10. I created the VLAN interfaces on solaris. Now I want to configure a MULTINICB resource on vlan interfaces ? Does VCS 5.1 support this ? Thanks.      

lalindra by Not applicable
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Resolved! Migrating VCS node to another server

Hello, everybody! I'm wondering if it's possible to migrate a VCS 5.0 node in a two-node ha cluster by pulling out a disk from an old server and put it into a new one. The difference between the old server and the new one is basically the number of C...

Resolved! Patrol Agent Oracle going offline why?

Hi,   we have a server and for some reason the patrol agent resources keep going offline.  I found out the dba were using a local script to stop port 3181 and thought maybe that might be calling the stop and start scripts outside of vcs. However I'm ...

Resolved! Can Veritas cluster handles virtual OS?

My case: I have 2 virtual Red hat 5.x where is running an Oracle instance. The Vmware esx running version is the 3.5 I want to know if veritas cluster can run on this virtual OS and if this kind of configuration is fully supported by Symantec. Have a...

Epi4Sym by Level 3
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