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Resolved! What's the messages ?

hello. I have SFCFS5.0 on hpux 11.31 I saw messages :    /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/CFSMount/monitor[47]: 4657 Killed vx_ha_read[37]: 4669 Killed    What's  mean the "4669 Killed"  ?   VCS engine_A.log =========================================================...

taesun by Level 3
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Resolved! parameter change in spfile, is there impact on VCS?

Hi guys,   Id like to ask if there are impact in VCS should the following line is to be changed. our dba will be performing the chenge in spfile: alter system set CURSOR_SHARING='EXACT' scope=spfile from: alter system set CURSOR_SHARING='SIMILAR' sco...

pjeia by Level 3
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Resolved! SF, SFHA, SFCFS, SFCFS RAC > Virtual Environments

Hi All,   Does anyone one have any NEW information about support for the SF stack in virtual environments, vSphere, XEN, etc. I've some reference to XEN in the latest 5.0 MP4 release, but nothing about vSphere. Except for the tech note 289033 which i...

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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Resolved! delay time before to put in fault a resource

Hi, I have e resource that is a NFS client that has like target 2 NFS server (one active, one standby). If the NFS server active goes in fault I don't want the my resource on NFS client goes in fault immediately, but I want that it stays up and wait ...

Epi4Sym by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS notifier/hanotify

Hi,   Is there any way that we can configure a username and password for the notifier? Or would this require creating custom triggers and scripts?   My client is implementing authentication for SMTP, so anonymous smtp mailing as done by the notifier ...

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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Resolved! VvVM with VCS

Hi champs, we have the VCS 5.1 with VxVM in the cluster.. my question if do the VCS down do the VxVM volumes used by the VCS will unmount automatically or do we need to unmount or deport manually.  

sakkan by Level 2
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Resolved! Monitor Application w/in Solaris Zone - but not failover zone

Hello everyone -   I actually have two questions.  The first centers around installing VCS in Solaris 10 u8 global zone - but only monitoring applications within a non-global zone. (ie: Apache).  The zone-root is installed on local storage and the ap...

Suki by Level 3
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Resolved! Issues with failover in VCS - Bonding

Hello All I wonder if you kind people can help me again. I have a 2 node cluster on Sun x4240 servers (Redhat 5.4 x86), which I have installed VCS v5.0. There are only about 9 service groups created on them, spead out between them, which have ...

sparmar by Level 3
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Resolved! How do I change cluster node names?

Hello All,      I have a two node HA cluster that is cofigured, up and running. The environment details are: Solaris 10 10/09 with  Veritas-5.0MP3RP2 The cluster was build using hostnames of the form hosta-new and hostb-new. We need to rename the mac...

GeorgeC by Level 4
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Resolved! CFS without VCS

Hi, We are trying to setup an application cluster. The HA part of the application is taken care by the application itself. So, we do not need VCS. However, we need a shared storage. So, can you please tell me how to configure and run Cluster File Sys...

Resolved! Veritas Cluster Server Agent for EMC MirrorView

We are using this agent for the replication of LUNS in the cluster environment. The version of the documentation I have is Version 5.1. It states in the document the following on page 7 The agent supports configuring EMC MirrorView in the synchronous...

mitcher by Level 4
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Resolved! I/O fencing on Windows = Persistent Group Reservation (PGR)

Hi all,   I have seen quite a few posts on VCS and I/O fencing support on Windows, and most threads ends with the conclusion it is not supported. That is perhaps correct, at least if we look at it in how it is solved in UNIX/Linux. To my knowledge, i...

AAlmroth by Level 6
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Resolved! VCS and DNS

"DNS scavenging affects virtual servers configured in VCS because the Lanman agent uses Dynamic DNS (DDNS) to map virtual names with IP addresses. If you use scavenging, then you must set the DNSRefreshInterval attribute for the Lanman agent. This en...

ash22 by Level 3
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Resolved! How to add a new node on VSFCF

Hi Guys,   Could you please let me know the procedure/steps to add a 4th node on a existing  Veritas 5.0 cluster with CVM/CFS when the cluster is live.   I also need help to configure the i/o fencing where all other three nodes are configured ,any ri...

UnixFan by Level 3
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Resolved! Configuring resource dependencies

I've read about service group dependencies and think I have a good understanding of parent/child dependency relationships. However I am wondering if it's possible to configure dependencies amongst resources within a service group. Here's my setup. I ...

Resolved! Unable to start VCS on one Node. Its two node cluster

I have recently installed VCS on two blade 1500. I am unable to start VCS on both machine at the same time. If I start systemA, I noticed VCS started and on systemB unable to start. It depends on which system I am starting first. 2010/10/22 22:16:4...

vcsguest by Level 2
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Resolved! need help in VCS monitoring

Dear SA's,   I am in the proces of making the solution for VCS monitoring, i have to write a script to fetch ther erros in VCS and i thinking to monitor the /var/VRTSvcs/log/engine_A.log log file, can anyone tell me the keywords what i need to search...

sparc373 by Not applicable
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