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Unable to online SAP services through VCS

Hi Guys,  I am having some problem with one of the SAP services. I am unable to bring the service online via VCS. When I tried bring it up through SAP command line, it works. But VCS doesn't detect it online. It still showed offline, thus the whole c...

Resolved! Migrate Storage Foundation For Oracle RAC

Hi All, I have two node Veritas Cluster running Oracle RAC on two Sunfire V890. I need to migrate this cluster to another two V890 at different location. I am planning to take Solaris FLAR of root filesystems, and backup data filesystems using TSM to...

Ovoo by Not applicable
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Resolved! Veritas Cluster Server Update

Hello, I am currently running AIX 5.2 in a clustered environment with VCS 5.0MP1 and need to update to newest version.  I've searched around for technical docs on this but have not found any.  Also, I've downloaded sfha-aix-5.0MP3RP4-patches.tar.  Is...

jbuff by Not applicable
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Resolved! How Do I Move HA groups to a new cluster?

Hi - I have an existing cluster on hardware that is being decommissioned.  We've built a new cluster independent of the old one (unique cluster number,, heartbeat network, fencing luns, etc)  and zoned the disks to both clusters.  I'd like to...

Resolved! HAD failing to start

Hi All, While starting the Cluster Service, the below error messages comes and HAD service is not coming up. TAG_D 2010/10/14 12:36:30 VCS:11050:VCS engine version=3.5 TAG_D 2010/10/14 12:36:30 VCS:11051:VCS engine join version=3.7 TAG_D 2010/10/14 1...

SAPNW04 preonline Warning

Dear all, we are clusterising SAP with my customer : AIX 5.3 / VCS 5.1 & patches2 nodes2 groups ASCS and ERS. I did the symbolic link # ln -s /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/SAPNW04/monitor /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/SAPNW04/preonline I modified the trigger preonline to call...

Resolved! Help with IPMultiNICPlus

Hello, On a test cluster (Windows 2003 Std w/SP2, SFW-HA 5.0 RP2) i've been trying to add an IPMultiNICPlus resource. The network configuration of the nodes is as follows: * Node LABVCS-NODE1 1st NIC MAC Address: 00-0C-29-87-23-75 1st NIC IP addres...

Resolved! problem installing vcs simulator

hi all  i am getting error while installing vcs simulator does anybody have step b y step procedure  i've attached screenshots of the errors i am getting thanxs in advance

sandy321 by Level 4
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Resolved! How to use trigger in cluster server one?

Hi there, We are testing VCSONE for Sun solaris 10 sparc. As we know VCS has triggers under /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/triggers. But the VCSONE has no triggers. Before service group online, we'd like do some preonline work. So could you please tell me...

brian199 by Not applicable
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Resolved! and

Any body please throw some light on and What i have come to know that all configuration/attributes data of VCS service group,resources,systems,cluster are found in and the keep the standard/format of attribute data. Wh...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Oracle Dataguard on VCS

when delpoying oracle (11g) dataguard on VCS (red hat linux 5), I have read you can only have 1 standby per agent. Does anyone know if you can have multiple agents (multiple standbys) from the 1 primary cluster ? Thanks all

Resolved! VxVM for solaris x86

hi can anybody giv me the link to download VxVM 5.1 for solaris 10 x86  thanx in advance

sandy321 by Level 4
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Resolved! VCSOne sessiond erroring

We had a bit of problems with a server this morning.  Some files got corrupted and we are getting things up and running.  The health of the system is much better, but the /var/adm/messages logs is spewing the following error every few minutes: vcsone...

Resolved! Hot is it possible recover the vcs admin password?

Hi, I'm trying to connect with the Veritas Cluster manger Java console to administer my clusters, but the default login admin/password doesn't work. The dialog box says that the login or password are wrong. With the command hauser -list, I haven't fo...

Epi4Sym by Level 3
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Resolved! How can i read it

Any body can help me in reading the below logs step by step please   2010/08/25 09:51:22 VCS INFO V-16-1-50135 User admin fired command: haconf -dump from 2010/08/25 10:47:41 VCS INFO V-16-1-50133 User admin has logged in from 2...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Specify a User with MirrorView Agent on SFWHA 5.1SP1

Hi There, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to specify a user when using the MirrorView agent and naviseccli with SFWHA 5.1SP1? When running the addArrayUser action I've tried specifying "-user username", but it is not acceptable by the action. Mo...

Mark_1 by Level 2
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Resolved! Agent cleaning resources

Hi again, What actually happens when an agents cleans a resource. I mean when the message appears "Agent is calling clean...." Thanks

Jbert by Level 4
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SFHA 5.1 VCS A/P with enqueue replication on passive node?

Hi, We're trying to implement SAP HA on 2 nodes (Linux SFHA 5.1 VCS SFHA Active/Passive).  The failover service group without enqueue replication works no problem.  I wonder if anyone have tried to configure enqueue replication server on the passive ...

vinhng by Level 2
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