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A Whole New Look: Welcome to the new Symantec Connect

We've just launched our redesigned Symantec Connect site. To view a short video that describes the changes to the site, you can check out: We hope you like it. Thanks for participa...

Kimberley by Level 6
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Resolved! VCS configuration for Solaris IPMP

Hi All, I am trying to configure hme0 and qfe0 as part of IPMP group with virtual IP address being which will migrate between node1 and node2. Will this Solaris 10 IPMP configuration work? (a partial file): group public_network ...

Resolved! IPMultiNICB with Solaris ipmp probe base for CFS 5.1

The environment as the following: cfs 5.1, on Solaris 10 u8, with the latest patches We did configure multinicb with Solaris IPMP probe based ip, and reside a VIP with resource type ipmultinicb. When we try to pull both Heartbeats of the system, o...

Xentar by Level 4
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Veritas Cluster Server for SAP

Hi All, Has anyone tried the file from the following in the simulator?   "Using Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System to increase availability of SAP NetWeaver" by Oscar Wahlberg

heartbeat reported down but dlpiping says up

hi folks In a cluster with 3 heartbeats, all correctly configured but a cable was plugged into the wrong port, so naturally lltstat reported down and dlpiping couldn't talk. I moved the cable to the correct port and i set the mac addresses for the he...

sjack by Not applicable
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Resolved! Zone Cluster in VCS

I have 2 systems Node1 and Node2 running VCS5.1 MP1 with solaris10_u8. I want to configure an oracle database in solaris zone which is able to failover to other node. Current Configuration is as following  The Zone root is on shared storage zonedg. A...

Resolved! Create a Disk for VCS on Windows

Hi All, Can someone please show me an example of a list of steps (command lines) to create a shared disk  and to make it ready for VCS on Windows? For some reason, in my VCS I can only use the MountV and VMDg resource types. The Mount resource type ...

Resolved! What's the messages of cvm agent.

Hello everyone. My customer have CFS 5.0.1 on hp-ux 11.31. I saw the VCS engine log. Here's the messages : ======================================================================= $ tail -f /var/VRTSvcs/log/en*A*     2010/08/25 09:59:04 VCS INFO ...

taesun by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS Application resources restart policy

Dear all, could you kindly help me with following concern: i have got installation of VCS 5.0 mp3 on RedHat Linux AS4. I've got service group which contains multiple Application resources which looks approximately like this: 7 resources            ...

Resolved! NFS Share readonly in VCS

I have created a new SG for home directories of users in VCS the share is not writeable and m unable to write in it once mounted on other servers. What could be the issue ? Following are the resources  nfsDG                   Node...

df: cannot statvfs Permission denied on cluster file system

Hi , Does any one got any idea why I am getting the permission denied error when I do the   df -k  on a 3 node cluster with a shared Cluster file systems (CVM) I can do the df -k on  the master server as a normal user  ,however ,I can get the df -...

UnixFan by Level 3
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Resolved! RP2 patch information is not being shown after installation

Environment OS = win2003 sfha = 5.0 cluster = 2nodes cluster I have already installed RP1a for sfha5.0. yesterday i ran the setup of RP2 from passive node and finally RP2 successfully installed.Although i saw the summary after installation which clea...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Reservation conflict on all LUNs of the cluster nodes.

Hi All,         We have recently done the solaris live upgrade from solaris 9 to solaris 10 along with the maintenance patch live upgrade from 5.0MP1 to 5.0MP3.After making the alternate boot environment active we got the reservation conflict error ...

Pranali by Level 3
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