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MountV agent failures on Windows

I'm surprised no-one else has posted, but since 5.0 for Windows has come out we had problems with MountV resources offlining unexpectedly. Symantec support had us do plenty of logging and VxExplorer-ing, and discovered it was that the MountV agent wa...

VCS linux issue with LVM Disk Group

HiI have setup an Linux cluster(failover) with LVM DiskGroup and LVMLogicalVolume. This setup works fine for sometime, but after that the DiskGroup goes offline automatically. vgdisplay says that the diskgroup is exported. Another issue is that, once...

Resolved! delayed hb 1000 ticks

anyone has experienced the below errors.....................MessagesDec 14 14:21:09 n2 llt: [ID 794702 kern.notice] LLT INFO V-14-1-10019 delayed hb 1000 ticks from 0 link 0 (ce2)Dec 14 14:21:09 n2 llt: [ID 794702 kern.notice] LLT INFO V-14-1-10019 d...

Reddy_2 by Level 3
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lltstat reporting errors and duplicate MAC addresses?

I have a new two node cluster, and lltstat -nvv shows duplicate mac addresses. How can this happen? We have all heartbeats going to two separate switches, but all in the same VLAN. Other clusters seem happy with this configuration. If I plumb the int...

Restart only faulted Resource

I am running VCS 5.0 on Solaris 10.I have a service group with 4 Resources with the following requirementsCompA requires CompDCompB requires CompDCompC requires CompDCurrently if any component fails then all components are taken offline before being ...

IBM_Rob by Level 3
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Apache Agent VCS 5.0 MP1 on AIX 5.3 TL06

I am trying to get the Apache agent for VCS 5.0 MP1 to start a IBM web Server which is Apache 2.0. The agent never seems to enter the online entry point but I am not sure.  Logging is set for TRACE. Any ideas on why it never even attempts to start th...

johno by Level 2
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re-enable DMP Solaris 10

I disabled DMP in a Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC environment. I rebooted and now my systems only go to the OK prompt. Is there a way to re-enable DMP if I can mount the appropriate disks from the SUN cd-rom?

how to reset the webconsole password

HiI wanted to access the webconsole for VCS-ha. I am able to see the login page at http://<web_gui_ip>:8181 but I do not have the username password set by earlier admin. Is there anyway I can use root login to see the username password in config file...

regarding support for Sun Patching on Veritas ha

Does Veritas/symantec provide support for Patching Sun servers involved in Veritas -ha cluster. I contacted Sun for support (we have valid gold contract) but they still refused to support as machines are part of veritas cluster.I am not having  Verit...

best way to patch cluster servers

Hiwhen it is patching of Sun stand alone servers I can patch them and I know after reboot everything will be fine.I wanted to how to patch Veritas-ha clustered Sun OS 5.9 Machines. Right now the cluster service and application services are running on...

How to find out what version of Cluster server

HiWe are using Veritas HA on sun os 5.9 and I want to find out what version of Cluster Server we are using..What command can I use for finding version ?ThanksI just checked is this the right command?-- pkginfo  -l VRTSvcs--OUTPUT :  PKGINST:  VRTSvcs...

powerpath and vxfentsthdw

When trying to run the vxfentsthdw script, it cant find my powepath devices..VERITAS vxfentsthdw version 4.1 SolarisThe utility vxfentsthdw works on the two nodes of the cluster.The utility verifies that the shared storage one intends to use isconfig...

VCS 5.0 network agents with Solaris 10 IPMP

I need to know the current recommended best-practice for setting up service group network agents on servers that use Sun's Solaris 10 IPMP. Here's the scenario: I have 6 servers in a cluster. Each server has three IPMP head devices defined for networ...

solaris 10 and rsh/ssh SFRAC 4.1

we are running into problems with the installer, it says it cannot communitcate via rsh or ssh so it cannot communitcate with both nodes. However as root i can ssh passwordless and rsh passwordless. Is there a bug in this version of SFRAC?

VRTSsybed" and "VRTSdbed".

What we will be doing is taking a cluster (several in fact over the next few months) from this:  Storage Foundation Enterprise HA for Sybase (or in some cases, Database Edition HA for Sybase) to this:   Storage Foundation Enterprise HA for Oracle Wha...

Powerpath 5.1.0 compatibility with VCS 5.0

Dear All; I am having a problem with VCS 5.0 Cluster.When ever i reboot the nodes disk groups are not imported by VXVM ;when i enter vxdisk list,it is giving the message : VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-684 IPC failure:Configuration daemon is not accessible...

wajima0a by Level 3
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