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How to patch a running Veritas Cluster

Hi There!My VCS is running on Solaris. After a security audit result a patch for solaris is recommended. My VCS is running on active-passive group and also has a parallel service group.What is the recommended steps in applying a OS patch on these set...

Doki by Not applicable
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MultiNIC failed and resource went offline

Need your help to troubleshoot this issue. One of our servers in the cluster [All servers are on Solaris 8 , patch level 117350-46 and VCS 3.5P2] had a failed multiNIC resource. The service group was frozen and hence it did not failover. (was done ea...

help with AIX cluster noob question

hey guys, im still kinda new at this but im having some trouble with an aix cluster. i have 3 servers.... lets call them X, Y and Z.server Z is the main, so if i try and ssh to X or Y i get forwarded to server Z (im guessing port forwarding?).but i a...

Riz by Level 2
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Resource allocation during failover event

We have a very outdated SQL cluster on Windows 2k using VCS for Win 2.0 on HP DL580 G1's.  Recently there have been some severe performance issues with SQL.   We are on a path to upgrade once the dollars come through.  The servers sit around 90% CPU ...

http down on cluster

HiSuddenly my nagios sent me email, http is critical, when I checked on one of node where all service groups were running fine,hastatus -sum-- SYSTEM STATE-- System               State                FrozenA  server1            RUNNING              0...

Web Console implementation doc?

Hello,I'm using SFW HA on Windows 2003 and I ran the web console option config and couldn't find any docs on it. I read in a few place where it refers you to a implementation doc for the web management console but I couldn't find them anywhere. Can s...

nox by Level 4
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Splited Coordinator Disks and one standby disk

    For VCS setup with SAN with 2 Storage arrays does it make sense:1) Split the 3 coordination disks between the 2 arrays (2 on one side and 1 on another)2) Having a spare disks on the array with 1 Coordinator disk, in case of the second array loss,...

rnrb by Not applicable
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Question on Veritas CMC

I need to figure out a way to ouput all of my clustered resource names, along with the Mount Path from the MountV config.  Is there a file that contains this data already that is produced daily, or does anyone know the command I can run to produce th...

symrookie by Not applicable
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how to take a resource offline, urgent

Hi there is going be san flare upgrade in our environment and ha-cluster servers are connected to SAN. the technician suggests to take the oracle offline using vcs . I know a resource Type: Oracle Name: BB60 is ONLINE in list of  Resources on online ...

Service Group Dependency Question

I've been playing around with Service Group depencies in VCS 5.0 and have the following scenario which I've yet to come up with a solution to: Single node cluster with Service Groups A, B, C, & D. The following Service Group dependencies are required...

gsdctl start script for oracle 9iRAC on VCS 3.5

I have a some puzzled me.   For a oracle 9i RAC on veritas VCS 3.5  does it even needto run a "preonline" trigger that containssu - orasv920 -c "/oracle/VRT/bin/gsdctl start"` ( see below for sample ) my thought was that when runing 9i RAC a...

what does "primary" attibute VCS do ?

can somebody please explain what the attibute "primary = test11" does? this is from a oracle 9iRAC on veritas VCS 3.5 ( two node cluster) , I'm trying to see how it works as the look a bit strange. see below. ( a sanitized  < ...

VCS Heartbeat

I  am new to VCS. :) so have a basic doubt. Can the VCS heartbeat across a network  or in  other words through a router ?

praveen_v by Not applicable
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MountV agent failures on Windows

I'm surprised no-one else has posted, but since 5.0 for Windows has come out we had problems with MountV resources offlining unexpectedly. Symantec support had us do plenty of logging and VxExplorer-ing, and discovered it was that the MountV agent wa...

VCS linux issue with LVM Disk Group

HiI have setup an Linux cluster(failover) with LVM DiskGroup and LVMLogicalVolume. This setup works fine for sometime, but after that the DiskGroup goes offline automatically. vgdisplay says that the diskgroup is exported. Another issue is that, once...

Resolved! delayed hb 1000 ticks

anyone has experienced the below errors.....................MessagesDec 14 14:21:09 n2 llt: [ID 794702 kern.notice] LLT INFO V-14-1-10019 delayed hb 1000 ticks from 0 link 0 (ce2)Dec 14 14:21:09 n2 llt: [ID 794702 kern.notice] LLT INFO V-14-1-10019 d...

Reddy_2 by Level 3
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lltstat reporting errors and duplicate MAC addresses?

I have a new two node cluster, and lltstat -nvv shows duplicate mac addresses. How can this happen? We have all heartbeats going to two separate switches, but all in the same VLAN. Other clusters seem happy with this configuration. If I plumb the int...