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CVM i/o and distributed locking

I am trying to understand how the CVM does i/o for a cluster application like RAC. The following article suggests that all i/o from the CVM client is shipped to CVM server which does the real i/o to disk thereby there is no need for a Global lock man...

slan by Not applicable
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Odd NIC problems with Solaris 10 + VCS4.1 + MultiNICA

We just migrated some systems from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10 maintaining configurations. After some failover testing of the network (alternately pulling cables from ce3 and ce7). Below is a snapshot of the state of things at a couple of points. Anyone ...

ERabeck by Level 2
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Configuring HA on VM with VCS for ESX

Hi AllDoes anyone has idea how to manage this error: "VMware server returned error: storage x is not available on all host" I'd tried install on ESX server to configure HA from the Veritas Virtualization Manager (VVM) for the VM's Thanks !!

xaBo by Level 3
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Patching of Solaris-Whole-Root-Zones in a VCS-Environment

Hi, we have a 2-node-VCS with one whole-root-zone installed. Now we have to path this environment. Does anybody have experiences with doing this? For starting the whole-root-zone on both nodes, all (the nodes and the zone) must have the same kernel v...

bsobek by Level 5
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How to restart dependent resources ?

Here is the requirement: proc1, proc2 and proc3 depend on PROCM (which in turn depends on the standard stuff mountpoint, diskgroup etc.,).  This is all on one node cluster, so no failover and mount point, diskgroup always need to be online(essentiall...

Veritas cluster server API

Hi, I am trying to integrate another product (a management product) with Veritas cluster server. I need to build an utility which will query the cluster info., resource info. etc. from the VCS. I was looking for an API that VCS would provide which  c...

VCS Blog

I just thought I'd bring to the forum members' attention that there is now a VCS blog, enigmatically known as "Stunned Mullets".Just launched in September, this will be a regular repository for the ramblings of Dr. C. Luster and his (or is it her?) n...

Service group won't stay put on reboot

We have a pair of servers clustered. Solaris 8 VCS 4.0MP1. Here is the situation. App owner wants the servers to be manual fail over only. The trick is each server gets rebooted monthly automatically via cron ( don't ask ) I have removed the -evacuat...

Migration data

Hi,     I have existing server running with VCS 4.0 with Data mounted.I have created a  New LUN with bigger capacity from Storage and need to migrate the existing mount-point data to the NEW mount-point.The examples as show below: /dev/vx/datadg/vol0...

sunfire by Level 2
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Compilation incompatibility with under SLES10

I am getting the following error when trying to compile a custom agent:/usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-linux/4.1.2/../../../../x86_64-suse-linux/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/ when searching for -lvcsagfw/usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-li...

cdev by Level 2
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Scheduled startup and monitoring of processes

Hi all,I am trying to achieve what I think should be a simple configuration.  We have a Veritas cluster on a Windows box and all I want is to do is invoke two separate Windows processes (EXE) at a specified time and then kill them at a specified time...

Manager99 by Not applicable
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patch bundle

Hi all,I am looking at installing Veritas foundation Suite for Solaris and using VCS 4.1.   What I am after is also a patch bundle to which I can add to the suite.  Is anyone aware of where I can download this from.?All help welcome.CheersMartin

Copy from VCS 4.0 to 4.1

Hi, I have a Solaris 8 server running VCS 4.0. which is going to be decommisioned soon. I need to build a new server to replace it but with VCS 4.1. As the new server will be similar in every respect to the old one (except the VCS version), I intend ...

braji by Not applicable
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Heartbeats from different cluster on same VLAN.

Hi, I have 8 SFRAC setup in our environment, each having 3 heartbeat links going to 3 different VLANs. i.e. 24 VLANs. We are planning to setup 2 more SFRAC, needing 6 more VLANs. I was wondering if I could share the VLAN for 1 single heartbeat from f...

apachel logs and vcs-ha

  HiI am using blackboard application with apache web server on sun solaris vcs-haI want to transfer logs of apache from the active node and cat /dev/null to apache access_logWhat would be the commands involved with this process ..I am new to cluster...

change cluster service node

Hi,Following is the result of hastatus -summary.I want to make both groups on any one node but with least down time if at is service group while ClusterService is cluster to change ClusterService on node2 ONLINE and ClusterService on...

blackboard and veritas ha

    HiI am using blackboard application with apache web server on sun solaris ha cluster.I want to transfer logs of apache from the active node and cat /dev/null to apache access_logWhat would be the commands involved with this process ..I am new to ...