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Cannot connect to VCS engine

Hi Folks,  I installed the VCS 4.0 on Linux AS 3. Just completed the installation and tried giving the command,[root@gisadmin06] #haconf -makerwVCS ERROR V-16-1-10600 Cannot connect to VCS engine===========================================This is the ...

I/O Fencing disk reservations

Hi, we have a two node cluster configured with I/O Fencing...the hosts are connected to Hitachi Storage...we are trying to deallocate some LUNS and our storage team is getting this error "processing is disabled because the host is mounted or the devi...

Upgrade SFRAC 3.5 to 4.1

Guys, I want to do this upgrade on a 2 node cluster. Is there a doc about this upgrade? Any known issues and problems? Or is it just a case of running installsfrac script and let it do all the work?Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Regard...

wacky by Level 2
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Problem with reflecting Application resource's state

I am running VCS 5.0 on RHEL4. The setup is a 2-node cluster with failover capability. I am trying to monitor the status of a Java application, which I create it as an Application resource in VCS. I have created the start, stop and monitor scripts( E...

Ethan_2 by Level 2
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VCS 5.0 Oracle Agent for 8.1.7

I understand that Veritas does not support Oracle versions 8.1.x at all with VCS 5.0. I wondered if anyone has created a custom agent that will work with 8.1.7 version of Oracle? If so, would you mind sharing the agent. I have several 8.1.7 instances...

SST by Level 3
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Changing hostname in VCS 5.0

Hello;We have 4 node cluster with SOlaris 10 and VCS 5.0,since Oracle 10g has some naming issue our DBA wants the hostnames to be changed.I would like to know the easiest possible way or the DOcument ID from Veritas which talks about changing hostnam...

wajima0a by Level 3
Partner Certified
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VCS Failover

Hi AllI have a query regarding VCS Failover.I have a two node cluster working in Active/Passive mode.I am trying to achieve the following failover resultsIf the Active node loses power, the Passive node becomes Active.If the Active node losses all ne...

rob_M by Not applicable
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Hp-ux Reboot Hungs at K110vcs

While scheduled reboot of one of my cluster node shutdown gets hung. 1) AWSBIS307I Starting /opt/maestro/jobmanrc /usr/local/bin/ 2) cat /usr/local/bin/!/bin/kshcd /nohup /sbin/shutdown -ry 0 >>/usr/local/logs/shutdown.log 2>&1...

Raphael by Not applicable
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host rename in cluster ?

Hi all We have VRTSvcs 4.1 cluster running on Solaris 8 and we have a requirement to rename all the Solaris servers hostnames. The Solaris side of the rename is a problem , its the cluster renaming that I've no idea about. What steps do I need to tak...

Andy_M by Level 3
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VCS Simulator - Valid Config but unable to launch console

Can anyone help.  I have created a cluster config and verified it in the VCS simulator.  I have also started the cluster and no errors were experienced, but the status stays the same and I  cannot launch the console.   This is also true of the defaul...

VCS Implementation Specialist

As a Symantec Partner, MTI Technology (formerly Collective Technologies) is seeing a great deal of new opportunities involving complex VCS implementation projects.  To help address this need, we are looking to find a top VCS Specialist for a full-tim...

Zones in E20K for VCS Failover

Currently, The E20K have been partitioned into 2 domains.Domain A and B  have been installed with 3 Zones each. VCS ver 5.0 will be installed on Global Zone to control the Failover of the local-zone on Domain A and B.The local-Zone’s application will...

sunfire by Level 2
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ASL for Vxvm 5.0

Dear all I am planning to build VCS 5.0 with Vxvm 5.0 , i am searching for Array Support Library for Sun Storedge 3510 FC array , the ASL for 5.0 not found on SUN website only 3.x/4/x  , where i can download ASL for Vxvm 5.0 Regards JM 

M_Aziz by Level 4
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