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cfsmount1 &cfsmount2 resource could not offline

I met a problem about vcs.



HW T5220 Server *2 + ax4-5;




Problem description:


When executing “init 6” or “hastop –all” command in cluster system, resource cfsmount1&cfsmount2 could not been offline normally;


Checked with the HW state(EMC connective state ,disk, system,  iostat –En),the output of “vxdisk , vxprint, vxdmpadm, fuser, mount –v etc.”


I tried to umount  /var/opt/mediation/MMStorage manually, it did not succeed  and it look like the process  has hung up;


Please see check list in attach file check_point.log  , engine_A.log and .


Could you give me some advice about how to fix the problem?

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Re: cfsmount1 &cfsmount2 resource could not offline

Looks like this is a duplicate thread. You may remove this one.