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I'm using veritas cluster over sun solaris (sparc) server.


I'm doing some maintenance operation so I need that the cluster does NOT start at boot time.


It's possible to disable the cluster temporarly without modify any configuration file? (as a 'boot -x' in sun cluster 3)






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I would do the following.


1. Case 1 -- If thats ok to reboot the systems before your maintanance.

move following files to a temporary location before you reboot the box.

Stop had on all nodes

/opt/VRTSvcs/bin/hastop -all ( if you want your resource up an running at this stage - Use hastop -all -force on any node)

 1. /etc/rc2.d/S70llt

 2. /etc/rc2.d/S92gab

 3. /etc/rc2.d/S92vxfen


So ,


cd /etc/rc2.d

mv S70llt s70llt < destination file has a lower case "s">

mv S92gab s92gab

mv S97vxfen s97vxfen

All you need to do is stop llt from starting as gab wont start without llt., But I do move all the files and move them back to their original file name once the maintenance task is over.


Reverse the above step and reboot or manually start these drivers/modules once you are ready to start to cluster .


2. Case 2 . Disable cluster without reboot.

Stop the cluster as I mentioned earlier.

2. stop gab

/sbin/gabconfig -u

3.Stop LLT

/sbin/lltconfig -U

4. Unload llt and gab modules

First list module ids

modinfo |grep llt

modinfo |grep gab

Unload gab first and then lln

modunload -i <llt id you got from modinfo>

modunload -i <gab's id from modinfo>


Unload vxfen too if you have that one configured. I assume that yours not a CFS cluster .

Now your system have no VCS stuff in it. However if you reboot all these modules will be reloaded if you dont do the case 1.

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I would prefer the first step .. If you want to completely disable the cluster services startup you can move the startup scripts S70llt / S92gab & S99vcs  (though all these have dependencies i.e if LLT script is disabledve obviously LLT will not start. Once gab startup comes if LLT is not running, GAB will not start ..)


What actually is the objective ? you are doing maintenance with cluster itself or on the application ? coz if later is the answer, you can simply persistent freeze the cluster so that cluster doesn't start anything post reboot (though cluster itself would start)...



Level 5

If you are having Solaris 10. You can disable the LLT, GAB and VCS at boot time using SMF.

svcsadm disable vcs

svcsadm disable gab

svcsadm dsiable llt


Above will stop your cluster services as well keep them disable during reboot until you enable them using same method.