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==> add new node with different VCS-Version

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Hi all,

having a two node cluster on two sun v240 machines with solaris 8. Now we want upgrade the hardware up to m3000, os up to solaris 10 and vcs up to 5.1.

Is it possible to add a new m3000 machine with the new versions of vcs into the existing cluster?


Thanks in advance,




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Hi Andreas,


For VCS to form Cluster among nodes and work properly, it is required to have same version of VCS across all nodes of the cluster.


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Hi Andreas,

first would like to know what is the current version of VCS you have ? because you will need to check whether a direct upgrade is possible to 5.1 or no.

very first thing as per release notes is you will need to upgrade solaris first because 5.1 will not support solaris 8


VCS 5.1 install guide talks about the supported upgrade paths:


However since you have 2 new servers i.e you need to replace the hardware itself, best & simple I would suggest to install 2 fresh new servers with sol 10 , patch it to latest solaris patches & then install SF 5.1 along with SP1.

Once your new servers are ready, you need to ensure that new set of servers can see the same shared storage as the old server. Later you can pull up the configuration files from old server & put them to new server.

There might be slight changes which you may need to do, like /etc/llttab file may contain the nic names which were specific to old servers (for e.g ce1 ce2) however new servers may have e1000g0 & so on... so you need to take care of the changes.

You will need to keep the hostnames same so that same file can work. You will need following files from the old server:

- /etc/llttab

- /etc/llthosts

- /etc/gabtab

- /etc/vxfendg (if you use iofencing)

- /etc/vxfenmode (if you use iofencing)

- /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/

- /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/

- Any additional file if you are using for e.g etc...


You need to strongly run through release notes to understand what is supported & what is not supported in new version 5.1. There may be a chance if you are using some custom agent or some feature which is no more supported by VCS 5.1

You can find all the guides here:


Hope this helps