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hagui on SLES11 not working

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Please help. I Installed VRTScscm- rpm on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64).

I have Xserver running on my laptop and after connecting to the server using securecrt ( X11 forwarding turned on ) and DISPLAY variable set, I can't launch hagui. Don't see any errors on the terminal when I run /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/hagui but the VCS Java console does not come up . 14141 is listening on the server.


There are other servers (RHEL 5, Solaris 8 and 10  and SLES10SP3), where I don't encouter this problem. Not sure what is missing on SLES11. Any help or direction is greatly appreaciated.




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I thought the GUIs were no longer installed by default as from 5.1.

Why not download the VCS Java GUI for windows and install it on you desktop/laptop?

This will allow you manage ALL clusters in your environment:

You will see a long list of available downloads, e.g.

VCS Cluster Manager Java_Console 5.1 (Linux)

VCS Cluster Manager Java Console 5.1 (Windows)


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May be worth checking if iptables is in affect on the SLES system and is blocking the port.



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Looking at the 5.1 readme for "VCS Cluster Manager Java_Console 5.1 (Linux)" (following VCS Java Console link at, SLES11 is not supported - supported platforms are:

OS Version:  RHEL(3.0,4.0,5.0), SLES(8.0,9.0,10.0)

It may still work and it is just that is it is not tested.  First thing you should try is to see if you can start an xterm from your SLES11 server as this will test you can throw X stuff back to your Xserver on your laptop.  If this works then hagui should work as port 14141 is not important at this time as you are just trying to throw a GUI to your Xserver, so if this doesn't work, then it looks as thouugh hagui does not work on SLES11.  

The fact that 14141 is listening means you can connect from a java GUI on ANY other server (or the server itself if you could get the GUI to work) so you could connect to your SLES11 VCS cluster  from your java GUI running on your RHEL5 servers for example.  Note you can connect a VCS 5.1 java console to a VCS 5.0 cluster, but you should NOT connect a VCS 5.0 java console to a VCS 5.1 cluster (this may iniitally work, but you get occasional issues)

But as Marianne says, if you are running Windows on your laptop then better to run Windows Java GUI on your laptop (or if you had LINUX on laptop then it is still better to run java GUI on your laptop) if firewalls allow as this is much more network efficient than running it via X.



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Thank You all for suggestions

Mike, I have no issues launching xwindows apps. for example xclock comes up fine. I think the issue is something specific to hagui on SLES11 when launched from ssh session using securecrt or putty from my windows laptop.

I don't believe it is our corporate firewall issue because from my sun workstation (which is in the same network segment as my windows laptop ), I ssh to sles 11 server ( ssh -X <servername>) and I can bring up hagui on SLES11 fine. 

I will try what you suggested. ie., connecting to SLES11 server from a Java GUI on another server. Our team doesn't use VCS GUI  for Windows. Not sure if there is a reason. But I will give that a try as well as Marianne suggested.



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If other XWindows apps work, then problem is probably that java console just doesn't work with SLES11,  so just run Java GUI from a Windows client or a sun workstation.