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how to take a resource offline, urgent

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Hi there is going be san flare upgrade in our environment and ha-cluster servers are connected to SAN. the technician suggests to take the oracle offline using vcs . I know a resource Type: Oracle Name: BB60 is ONLINE in list of  Resources on online server.

How to take this resource offline step wise..

Can I just take it offline using webconsole (not java but veritas web console) in browser

I can see these options
online, offline, clear , probe, offline propogate. for the ORACLE TYPE resource.

Can I just click offline and it will safely be shutdown or I have to take Application service group offline to take this resource offline.

What would be the safest way for oracle to be taken offline so that there is no corruption...

Thank you,

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If you know the name of the resource

Run the command

hares -offline <resourcename> -sys <systemname>

If you dont know name of resource

do a hares -display and that will show u all the resources and u can see what is teh name of resource looking after oracle


more /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/   and see name

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YES I Know the resource name
I will try hares command
but I have a query
 do I need to freeze the system so that no any service failovers occur after I offline that resource, I do not want oracle resource to go online on other node.
Thank you so much for the reply...

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hagrp -freeze <groupname>

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Thank you
Also do you think I will need to use -ignoreparent option while hares command is given ?
I have a service group which waits for 10 resources to become online before making itself online and oracle is one of those 10 resources...

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It really depends on ur config .. usually if u have a servcie group like for example mine diskgroups,filesystems etc and oracle sits on top then if u offline oracle well they other day online

now if there is an app that sits on top of oracle and u offline oracle of course that app will fall and bring down group so it really depends on ur config

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hares -offline BB60 -sys server1
I tried this , it showed me error so I tried -ignoreparent and it did take it offline
but at same time my main service group went PARTIAL..
so I have frozen the system
hares -dep BB60
#Group       Parent     Child
bb           BB60       bb_mnt-u02
bb           BB60       bb_mnt-u01
bb           BB60       bb_mnt-or
bb           BB60       bb_mnt-bb
bb           LISTENER   BB60
hastatus -sum
-- System               State                Frozen
A  server1            RUNNING              0
A  server2            RUNNING              0
-- Group           System               Probed     AutoDisabled    State       
B  ClusterService  server1            Y          N               ONLINE      
B  ClusterService  server2            Y          N               OFFLINE     
B  bb              server1            Y          N               PARTIAL     
B  bb              server2            Y          N               OFFLINE     
-- Group
G  bb
G  bb
-- Group           Type            Resource
H  bb              Application     bbservice
H  bb              DiskGroup       bbdg
H  bb              IP              bb_ip
H  bb              Mount           bb_mnt-bb
H  bb              Mount           bb_mnt-or
H  bb              Mount           bb_mnt-u01
H  bb              Mount           bb_mnt-u02
H  bb              NIC             bb_ce1
H  bb              Oracle          BB60
H  bb              Sqlnet          LISTENER
H  bb              Volume          bb_vol-or
H  bb              Volume          bb_vol-u01
H  bb              Volume          bb_vol-u02
H  bb              Volume          bb_volbb
hares -state BB60
#Resource    Attribute       System     Value
BB60         State           server1  OFFLINE
BB60         State           server2  OFFLINE

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cool... partital is normal as it emans not all resources in group are online so in ur case oracle is so yes that look normal

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Thank you springer, your timely replies helped me in getting it done rightly
Good night and good weekend !Smiley Happy

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Ur most welcome