ipv6 dual stack resource


hi, I need to configure an IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack NIC/IP resource with multinicb, however even though the release notes for 5.1 state that this is supported I cant find any specific documentation on a dual stack configuration , the agent guides discuss either one or other - but not both. Does anyone have experience with this or can advise where information specific to this can be found. Thanks.

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ipv6 dual stack resource

Hi eeilbar,

What version of VCS are you working with?

Fyi: IPv6 is NOT supported by SFW-HA 5.x for Windows.


The VCS Bundled Agents

The VCS Bundled Agents Reference Guide (BARG doc), 5.1, Linux discusses dual stack IPv4 & IPv6 on page 92.  It uses MultiNICA and an attribute called DualDevice.


"Use the DualDevice attribute only when configuring mixed IPv4/IPv6 stacks. In that case, use the Device attribute to configure the IPv4 stack and the DualDevice attribute to configure the IPv6 stack."


I looked at the Solaris BARG 5.1 doc, and didn't see any mention of the DualDevice attribute.  It appears that with VCS 5.1 Solaris you use either IPv4 or IPv6, and not both together on the device.